Post-Christmas Cooldown

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The mammoth post I had to generate last time around put us a little behind on the posting schedule, but a day late isn’t so bad considering our typical lag time. Last time around, I actually broke my usual rule and covered a week and a half because our Christmas lasted into Wednesday. That leaves us with just the brief post-Christmas week to cover today.


This pretty much sums it up.

We were all pretty worn out, and the short week was mostly spent trying to make sure the house was reasonably clean so we could get back into our normal routine.


That, and playing with all the new toys.


Owen played keytar, Max made a bunny. Good times.

The weekend seemed to sneak up on us, and it brought New Year’s Eve with it. The weather was actually so nice out that we felt bad just lounging around the house.


So we headed out to the park.


Max and Owen spent the majority of their time on the slides.


This one specifically for Owen. He’d hit the bottom and immediately run around to climb back up.


I did get him to briefly stop for a photo on the way back up. Once.


Max also enjoyed waiting for his brother at the bottom of the slide…


…then trying to wrestle him out of it.

From there we headed home, got a little more dressy, then headed out for a nice family dinner. The kids were actually really good and got to enjoy a pizookie (basically just a fresh-baked cookie with ice cream on top) for a New Year’s Eve treat. I stayed up until midnight, waking Christy up just before so we could toast the New Year.

We awoke the next day to find out that Owen had apparently made a resolution to try new foods.


He has never even touched a scrambled egg in his entire life. He ate the whole plate. It shocked us so much I had to take a photo.

He’s actually been getting a lot better about trying new things and generally being a better eater lately, so that’s been quite nice.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out around the house. The kids drove their car around a little more, played with everything they could…


…and built a fort. Several of them, actually, since they kept tearing them down.

Consider the New Year rung in. All that’s left is to direct you to our latest batch and to show off a few more videos of the kids.


His shot percentage is actually pretty good.


He’s been doing this a lot lately. It’s tough to catch it on video, but we somehow managed.


There’s an aquarium in my living room. Thanks again, Mimi and Pappaw and Uncle Mike!

Have a good week, everyone!

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