Zoo Time and Birthdays

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Looks like I might be able to squeak this one in under the wire this week. Last week was a short one work-wise as the kids had a day off from school on Monday. We decided to take advantage of the oddly nice weather and take the boys out for a long-awaited trip to the zoo. Owen had really never been there at an age where he could enjoy it, so we were well overdue.


It all started with the flamingos.

He didn’t seem sure what to think at first, though he was impressed when they all started making noise.


We actually got there a little late in the morning, so we went in search of food…and found this…


…and, eventually, french fries and ketchup.


From there it was on to the otters, which both boys found hilarious.


Then I forced them to sit on this alligator for a photo. It was no fun at all. Really.


They were slightly more interested in the “ride” we found.


And once we saw the lions…


…Owen was super impressed.


He caught a second wind making silly faces at mommy.


Then somehow we got them both to smile in a photo.




We tried to get one with both boys and their mom, but surprisingly enough this wasn’t comfortable for Christy.

Despite his attempts to pretend he wasn’t having fun, Owen has spent the last week and a half telling us about all the animals he saw at the zoo. We’ll have to take the boys back out when they get the train back up and running.

The rest of the week was our typical work-eat-sleep routine, which usually leads to a Friday night of lax standards.


Like letting Owen sit in his cozy coupe and play with the iPod.

This brought us into the weekend, which involved a trip up to Sherman to celebrate a couple of birthdays (including Christy’s). For the most part, it was all about having some play time with the cousins.


Working puzzles…


Throwing planes around…


Wearing high-coverage bibs to protect ourselves from lunch…

We all enjoyed some delicious cake, especially Christy’s specially requested pineapple upside down cake.


Owen wanted to help with the candles.


He also wanted to make sure mommy’s new gloves fit.


After lunch, everyone sat down to work on some cookies.

We took a brief trip out and apparently we missed Max making a Spongebob cookie. Pity.


Got back just in time for this, though.

We had the great fortune of being given a night off by Christy’s parents. This meant we could enjoy some quiet time at a restaurant, a luxury we’re not often afforded. Thanks again, Mimi and Pappaw. Oh, and sorry about whatever the boys did to your sofa. I’m sure they have no idea how that orange crayon got everywhere.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from this week, you can click here. It would appear that we’re continuing to make good use of the video function on Christy’s camera, as we have yet another round of videos to share before we sign off.


Rated the #1 exhibit at the zoo by two out of two little boys who live in my house.

Ball Bucket

We’ve started designating Saturday as a day where each of us gets some one-on-one time with one of the boys. This is the natural end result.

Planes and Shirts

Couldn’t resist sharing a little bit of footage of these three.

That’ll do it for this week, and with 25 minutes to spare before I’m technically late. See you next time!

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