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Amazing that I could finish three posts in a week and still not manage to catch this thing up. With any luck I’ll get another two in next week and we’ll be back in business. This time around, we’re covering the week of President’s Day.

Per usual, President’s Day was a day off work for me, but not for Christy. This meant that I’d be hanging out with the boys while she did her best to stay out of sight and get some work done. We didn’t really have a plan for the day, but something came to me at the last minute on Monday morning. Max had been asking to go see a movie for a while, and there just happened to be an early showing before lunchtime. This would mark the first time Owen had been to a movie since our failed attempt back when Winnie The Pooh came out (he lasted through the previews before fussing and demanding to leave).


Note to self: red-eye flash is problematic in the dim light of a movie theater.

We settled in with a bag full of cookies, and somehow managed to make it the whole way through without any trouble. Afterwards, we met up with mommy to go grab some pizza and had a pretty decent afternoon. Things went back to normal until Thursday, when I was given the opportunity to stuff my face with free meat at a work dinner (SOLD!). Christy took that as a chance to get the kids to herself for a bit.


Pretty sure they had fun.

The weekend came along, and we found ourselves up in Sherman to see Tanner play a bit of soccer.


That would be Tanner kicking a goal.

While that was going on, the boys were completely glued to the game.


By which I mean they paid no attention at all.


For the most part they just hung out with Mimi.


…and fought over the chairs.


…and played with Mimi some more.


…and fought over the chair some more.


…and…well, you get the idea.

We spent the evening being entertained at Cindy and Tammy’s place.


These cheetos are for me, right?


Guys? It’s still there. It keeps following me.

Owen and Max spent plenty of time playing with their cousins, which gave us an excuse to sit and vegetate on various new pieces of furniture. Every once in a while I’d get up to fulfill my usual duty of capturing family moments.


Sure. Just go right in there, puppy. It won’t shrink down and trap you, promise.


We still can’t figure out how he caught her in there.

We enjoyed our pizza (thanks again, Cindy and Tammy!), played a bit more, and said our goodbyes. This led us into a nice day at home on Saturday. Usually these just involve us chasing the kids around the house and lounging about, but at some point we generally have to get ourselves cleaned up to do something or other. As I was finishing getting dressed, I heard a knock on the door of our bathroom. I opened it to discover that Max had apparently found his way into the dress-up box in the play room.


“Do you like it?”

Always nice to end the week on a laugh.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos of the kids messing around next to the soccer field, you can click here.

See you next time!

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