Dentist Time and Buddy Time

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After the excitement of our trip to the fire station and our time with Mikey and company, we had a week with a bit of trepidation. Owen is growing up, and with his advancement in age comes the burden of maintenance. It was time for his first trip to the dentist.


Cartoons usually help ease the process.

They called their names, and we escorted him into a room for a quick discussion about how we were going to handle things. He’s much more independent (“I do it myself!”) than Max was at this age, so we weren’t sure how he was going to react to having to be still while someone poked around in his mouth. We eventually decided he could handle more than just a cursory inspection.

2012-04-16 09.57.06

He noticed none of this process.

His brother was already in position when we went in, and Owen had a chance to enjoy some of the provided entertainment.

2012-04-16 10.03.52

Video games!

Once we were finished with that, we told him to just do what his brother was doing.

2012-04-16 10.07.09


He then defied all expectations and was perfectly well behaved throughout the whole process.

2012-04-16 10.07.56


Yet another milestone passed, which much more ease than we’d expected.

The rest of the week was our standard routine, but we had something planned for the weekend to reward the boys for being so good at the dentist. It’s been a while since we had a play date at the house, so we invited over some school buddies for the boys to play with.


Cody and Drew! Drew is back there, promise.

We began things with an art project in the back yard.


Max and Drew were cool with that.


So was Owen, who brought a more serious tone to the proceedings.

Cody had a little bit of anxiety about being away from his parents, so he wasn’t really into the painting process. Instead, we took him around and pointed out various bugs and flowers in the backyard. That worked a little, but we had to bring out the big guns to win him over.


Bubble guns!


…or maybe bubble trumpets?

Once we’d finished messing around in the backyard, we dug something out of the garage that hasn’t been getting much attention lately.


Car time.

They had a pretty good time driving up and down the street.


Though they had even more fun when they thought they were going to run me over.

We made a full circuit around the block and through the nearby field, then we brought everyone back to the house for some more subdued activities.


Ahhh, kicking back with some TV and a ring pop.

Immediately after that, we reintroduced crazy time.


Been a while since we had a playroom closet ball pit.


They, of course, found this quite hilarious.

As if that weren’t enough to wear us all out, I just had to get involved in all the crazy.


Photos do not do justice to how hilarious Cody found this.


Then, of course, dad rides.

Everyone had a great time, and we topped it all off with some time in the bounce house (read: some time for mommy and daddy to sit down and watch them play). It was a nice way to close out the week.

That’ll do it for this round. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. See you next time!

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