Nan, Papa, a Concert, and Gym Time

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Seeing as it had been a couple of weeks since we saw Nan, and the same amount of time since we went to a concert, we decided it was time to do that again. To give Nan a bit of a break, we headed down to Houston instead of making her come up here.

We began the weekend simply enough, with a quick check in the backyard. We’ve been tending to some strawberry, blackberry, watermelon, and tomato plants. Apparently one of them decided to give us a going away present.



The rest of Friday was a blur of packing and putting everyone in the car, followed by a much-delayed photo session at the Dallas Arboretum (photos to follow in a month or two), followed by a hurried trip to Houston and a quick dropoff of the kids before we headed out to the show. We returned so late that there wasn’t much to do but shamble off to bed and regroup in the morning.


Max was happy to see us.


Owen was just happy to have some more time with Nan.

Really, Saturday was all about spending time with Nan and Papa. It’s a rare trip when the kids have them all to themselves.


Which meant lots of running around…


…and getting tickled…


…and refusing to pose for photos (hence the tickling)…


…and the inevitable trip out to the pool…


…which we did for quite some time…


…then the boys sprayed me with their water guns for a while…


…then they decided my pain was worth a decent photo…


…then Owen tackled a duck…


…and a friendly shark…


…then someone insisted on swimming into the frame.

All that insanity, and it wasn’t even time for lunch yet. As we moved on into the evening, we accepted an invitation to go down for a high school graduation party for a cousin of mine. We were told there would be crepes served up for those in attendance.


We know better than that. We predicted (correctly) that our boys would be picky eaters, so we snagged some alternatives for them on the way.


They gladly accepted.

Pretty much the entire rest of the evening involved alternating trips (between Christy and I) back to the stove to ask for more crepes (many thanks to our gracious hosts!). While we did that, the boys did what they always do.


Found the most disruptive possible way to entertain themselves.


Very quietly, of course.


Very, very quietly.

As the night wore on, they became more and more punch drunk, which meant we had to make them pose for photos.


They were very cooperative.


No, really. Honestly.


Good enough!


Owen’s been having trouble figuring out where the camera actually is.


Max has it pretty well down.


Yay, rare photo of the two of us!

This continued for a while, as you’ll see if you check out the full photo set. Once the boys had finished giving all their hugs and kisses and saying their goodbyes, we made a quick pit stop at an old haunt so the boys would have something a little different for breakfast the following morning.


Hooray for beignets!


I don’t know how many he has in there. I’m guessing at least two.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long after breakfast because we had an event we needed to attend to back in Dallas. As if our weekend hadn’t been full enough already, we had an invitation to a birthday party for some of Max’s friends from school. We actually managed to get there with a little time to spare, so we let the boys continue what they were doing for a while before we went in.


Max was playing Angry Birds Space.


Owen was watching a movie.

When the time came, we got the boys out of the car so they could stretch their legs a bit.


Not to mention their arms.


Once again we found that the boys love a nice foam pit.


Owen is all about jumping in there as many times as he can.


Especially if he can get a posse in there to join him.


I’m not sure it’s possibe to get a more representative photo of Owen’s personality at this point in time.

Despite their exhaustion from the weekend’s activities, they kept at it for another hour or so.


There was running.


There was hanging.


There was carrying of foam cubes.


There was throwing of said foam cubes.


Water break!


There was sliding.


There was more sliding.


There was more running.


Then, when they had no more running or sliding or hanging or jumping in them, there were cupcakes.

With that, we drew our action packed weekend to a close. It seems like we can’t let a week go by without filling our weekend calendar to the brim. I’d say we might try to slow that trend, but I already know what’s going to be in our next post. Until then, you can check out the rest of the photos from this week and enjoy a quick video from our swimming time.


Well, sort of.

See you next time!

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