A Well Deserved Lazy Weekend

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After all the dinosaurs and the animals and the travel and the insanity of the last couple of weeks, it was high time we took a weekend off. Per our usual routine with these weekends, we emerged with an absolute bare minimum of photographs.

The week had a few random moments we captured, and it’s best to just let the images tell the story.


They have me dust these off every so often.


Owen still loves his Halloween costume (well, the hat at least).


His mother did not stack those sausages.


Just…yeah. We have fun around here.

When the weekend arrived, we followed our typical weekend routine of grocery shopping and hanging out, but things were much more subdued when the evening rolled around.


iPods and iPads help with this.


Occasionally, interests were drawn together briefly.

That’s not what we did all day, but the rest of it didn’t involve much worth noting. Sunday wasn’t much different, though I did bring my camera outside when the boys decided to play a little soccer.


In their pajamas. It was a lazy weekend, after all.


Owen is getting pretty good at it.


Gotta show off a little game face.


Finally, a decent action shot.

We also took a quick trip down to the pool, but made the mistake of doing so right after dinner. I won’t go into the details, but Owen had a bit of trouble that resulted in us leaving a little earlier than we’d hoped. From now on, we’ll be going before we stuff them full of food.

Surprisingly enough, that’s it. That’s all the photos we have for the week. Some weeks are clearly more glamorous than others. You can join us for our next update, which involves some buddies and a fountain. Until then, have a good week!

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