Costumes and Wii Fit

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As with the last few weeks, we’ve hit a bit of a lull in our activities around here. We did a few things over the weekend, but I was only able to capture a small bit of it in photos.

The main attraction was a visit from Mimi and Pappaw, who came down to enjoy our usually empty neighborhood pool with us. The boys were very excited to have a few more people dedicated to keeping them entertained. Christy and I spent the time alternating between getting a few laps in and helping the grandparents out.

Owen surprised us right around the time we were about to leave. He’s been getting better and better at propelling himself through the pool, but we hadn’t done much testing of his skills beyond that. We decided to let him try a jump turn swim (jump off the side, turn back, swim back to the wall and grab on) so he could get some practice for his swim class. He did it perfectly on his first try. Same for the next four tries. The boys never fail to surprise us these days with their skills.

Beyond our fun with Mimi and Pappaw, we had a bit of time with the boys in the play room, which has apparently temporarily become a dressing room.


Capes are in this season.


Plumbers, too.

As I mentioned last week, we recently dusted off the Wii (and had it repaired) when we realized that the kids are both old enough to enjoy it to some degree. Much of our time has been spent with Wii Fit, as the boys love messing around with the balance board. For some reason Max kept asking to “Do the sitting game.”


Who are we to argue?

We don’t mind uneventful weeks around here. Especially since we’re going to be ramping up to handle birthdays and other holidays before too long. If you want to see the other photo we took this week (just another one of Mariowen), you can click here. Otherwise, we’ll catch you next week!

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