Owen’s Third Birthday

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The non-stop partying continues as we celebrate Owen turning three! With these parties, we always have plenty of guests to entertain, things to prepare, and stresses to overcome. This year was no exception, but everyone seemed to have a good time and we survived it yet again.

It all began with some insanity in the kitchen. A while back, I picked up some cookie cutters that worked well with the theme of Owen’s party. We took the day off on Friday to make sure we’d have everything ready to go, but we had to do some of the work the night before.


Four dozen Avengers? No problem.


Of course, we also had to ice them…

Through the magic of photography, four hours pass…


The things we do for our kids.

It was about 1AM before we got everything cleaned up and put away, but the cookies looked pretty great. We quickly collapsed in a heap and were awoken bright and early. We had to eat breakfast in the dining room because our kitchen table was covered with still-drying cookies.


Owen requested marshmallow cereal…with no marshmallows.

That’s the last time his eye looked normal for the rest of the weekend, as he somehow managed to scratch himself during nap time at school. While he was busy injuring himself, we were cleaning house and baking cupcakes (never can have enough treats). Since this would be our last chance to have a little sane time as a family, Owen got to choose a spot for dinner. After he finished all his chicken nuggets and waffle fries, we headed home to let everyone rest up for the big day. We also welcomed a couple of visitors to town.


They woke us up at 6:30, which meant they got some TV time.

After we all had some breakfast and let Nan and Papa wake up, the kids talked someone into inflating some balloons.


This led to balloon fighting.


Lots and lots of balloon fighting.


Poor Nan even got involved somehow.


In the middle of all the crazy time, Owen decided to show off his new lamp.

After we calmed everyone down a little, we took the kids downstairs and let them do a little cookie decorating of their own. We had made some plain circle sugar cookies with white icing, and had plenty of ink left in our food writing markers.


Max, of course, was thrilled.


Owen let Nan do all the work.


When he was finished, Max showed me the Angry Birds he drew.


Emma opted for flowers and butterflies.


Nan drew an adorable bear.

Then, it was on to icing cupcakes. This process went faster than we thought, and required a lot less icing than I’d made (oh, say half). We found a reasonable outlet for the leftovers.


They couldn’t be happier.


…or messier.

Owen wouldn’t have the whole day to himself, as Max had to gear up and head out for a t-ball game.


He was pretty excited about having spectators.

We filled out the bleachers with Nan and Papa and…well, let’s just say everyone from Christy’s side of the family.


As I said. Excited.


It wasn’t terribly cold, but Emma and Owen seemed to enjoy sharing this hoodie.


Aside from being a cute photo, it shows off his self-inflicted eye injury.

Once the game was done, we headed back to the house to get some lunch and get the boys down for some nap time. While they slept, we worked tirelessly to prepare the house for the party.


Avengers assembled.


Cupcakes tiered.


Bounce house inflated.

Owen (not to mention all of his friends, as they arrived) was pretty shy for the first fifteen minutes or so. After that, they all decided the bounce house was too much fun to resist.


So they bounced.


Then they bounced some more.


Then they rested a little.


Then, more bouncing.


Eventually the kids started getting a little tired, so we decided it was time to sing the song.


…and blow out the candles.


Owen ate the star sprinkles, then a single bite of cupcake, then he was done.


Then it was back out to the bounce houses.

All of Owen’s school friends eventually headed home, and we moved right on to opening presents.


Owen was happy to do that.


He knows what he’s doing.


Max watched from behind the chair and helped assemble all the presents into a pile.


Someone decided I was taking pictures of the wrong kid.

Once that was done with, everyone headed their separate ways and we said all of our goodbyes. One set of buddies remained for a little longer, so of course they spent more time out in the bounce houses (mostly chasing me around) before they came to cart the big one away.


Owen and Mikey had quite an interesting time out there.


Alex was stuck watching through the window.

After all that insanity, I put the camera down and forgot about it for the rest of the weekend. Sunday was a recovery day anyway, so I didn’t miss much. I did, however, capture some video from the week to share with everyone.

Crazy Dancing

Sometimes our mornings are…interesting.

Happy Birthday!

Another year, another entry in our annual sing-a-long.

Bounce Time

Owen always enjoys hanging out with the older kids more than kids his own age.

With that, I will bring this behemoth of a post to an end. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

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