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After all the baking and decorating and partying, we finally found ourselves with a week off. We still had our usual scheduled activities to handle during the week, but the weekend was completely free. We took that as an opportunity to have a little family time.

Every couple of weeks, Owen asks to tag along for t-ball practice, and we’re usually happy to allow it. For the most part he’s content to just play at the park near the field, but sometimes he wanders back over to where the action is.


I think the bat might still be a little big for him.

Soon, little guy. Soon.

The week was spent in a half-zombified state due to all the insanity of the prior weekend. We felt well rested enough on Saturday to put a stop to our laziness, so we took the boys out for what has become an annual tradition.



Of course, that’s a little out of order, given that they didn’t do the balloon glow until just before we headed out. When we arrived, the scene looked a little different.


They wouldn’t touch the fire engine, and Owen wouldn’t smile.


…despite Max’s best efforts to help him out.

We headed into the festival space in search of snacks and dinner, and while we were wandering around the boys got to see the skydivers up close.


Owen seemed unimpressed, Max was super excited.

We headed back to our staked claim and sat down to relax and wait for some fun to happen.


Which means it’s time to make faces.


Many, many faces.


Owen tried his hand at taking some self-photos…


Then he insisted on lounging on his mom.


…and hanging on her, of course.


…and stealing her sunglasses.


Max got his turn too.


But Owen made sure it didn’t last long.

We all had lots of fun, ate way too much junk food, and headed home nice and sleepy. On the way to the car, we asked Owen what his favorite part was.


“I liked the astronaut!”

Me too.

If you want to see the remaining few photos from our trip to the balloon festival, you can click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

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