The Forgotten Camera Battery

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In all the time I’ve been writing this blog, we’ve always had at least a couple of photos to post alongside it. This week, however, the fates conspired against us and we wound up with nothing but a cell phone snapshot to share with everyone.

We were so worn out that we didn’t do a whole lot during the week. No photo ops meant no photos, but I knew we’d be headed down to Houston and was planning on filling up the camera there. Sadly, when we arrived I realized that I had left my camera battery in the charger back home. My attempts to procure a replacement failed, so I was left with no choice. I’d just have to try and interact with people instead of keeping my face behind the camera all weekend. The horror.

We made the trip to celebrate the birthday of little RyanPaul. He decided to celebrate by heading out to an indoor bounce house park. Lacking my big fancy camera, I had to improvise and shoot some video instead.


One can easily find out how out of shape they are by spending a little time in this room.

Once we were all incredibly sweaty, we retired to a nearby room filled with donuts and kolaches and oreos and fruit punch. The boys were messing around in the big birthday boy seat, so I tried to get a quick photo with my phone.


Oh well. Best I could get out of them.

The rest of the day was spent hanging around the house. The boys were okay with this because we’d decided to bring one of our new toys along for the weekend. It took a bit of packing, but we managed to get the Kinect down there and plugged in.

Kinect Time

Everyone had to get in on the action.

I’d describe what the game was (Kinect Party) but I think it’s actually funnier if I let that just stand on its own. Max had to take a break every so often because he was turning red and sweating profusely. Despite that, he must have played with that thing for two or three hours on Saturday. Christy and I took advantage of my parents once again and spent an evening on the town, but were told that the children were well behaved.

On Sunday, we all headed out to church. Max spent some time with Emma in Sunday school while Owen (hesitantly) joined us in the big room. Once we were done with all that, we packed everything up and headed back home once again.

I’d link to the photo set but, as I said, that’s all folks. Feel free to drop by next time when I’ll actually have a few still shots to share with everyone.

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