Valentine’s Day Week

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After all the celebration surrounding Papa’s birthday, our lack of sleep left us determined to try and have an easier week ahead. Luckily, we only had a major holiday to contend with.

Things went as they usually go for us during this week.


First, with a party for Max’s class.


With, of course, some hugs from his “girlfriend”.

This was the usual event with cupcakes and valentines and what not. A few days later brought us our yearly case of deja vu.


My turn!

We also enjoyed our own festivities at home, with presents and cards from the kids. No photos of that, though, as I was too tied up in the fun of everything to remember.

The weekend, for a change, was quite uneventful. Mostly we just went through our routine of grocery shopping and being lazy around the house while the boys found ways to get into trouble.


Okay, so we helped them a little.


They were taking turns popping their heads through the roof.

It was mostly a pajama kind of day, but I did take the boys out for a little while so we could take advantage of some deals at our local warehouse club. One of these deals involved some new toothbrushes, which came in a nice big box with a hole in front.


Tell me you saw this coming. I sure did.

And that was that. If you want to check out a couple more photos, feel free to click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

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Papa 28 January 2013

You always seem to capture the natural expressions of the boys. Nothing posed. I think they will appreciate every post you have made in later years. It brings me a great sense of joy when I see Max and Owen enjoying their life. Did you really draw a snowman’s butt?


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