A Brief Visit to Sherman

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With Valentine’s Day behind us, we found a siren song calling us northward. Apparently all it takes to summon us is a promise to babysit our children for a few hours.

And so we went to Sherman, where the boys immediately set about their usual mischief.


Pulling out stuffed animals and spinning in chairs.


Or suspiciously sitting quietly.

There was a bit of work going on outside, and after going to investigate I became embroiled in some light demolition work with Pappaw. This prevented me from taking a lot of photos before babysitting time began. I did head back in now and then to check up on things.


Turns out Max likes playing dominoes with Mimi.


Owen does too, but the TV can be distracting.

When Christy and I returned from dinner and a movie, we found that Mimi had whisked them away to the store to buy them some toys. Owen chose a Thomas the Train version of Sorry!, known in some circles as “Hey guys, let’s fight about a board game.”


It starts with good intentions, and ends in tears.

When they grew tired of torturing each other’s game pieces by sending them back to home base, we moved on to less controversial pursuits.


Video chatting with Uncle Steve helps calm things down.

After a round of generous thanks to Mimi, we packed things up and brought everyone back home for the remainder of a very lazy weekend. Much of the week was pretty lazy, too, which means what you see here is all I took with the camera this week. Trust me, though, I’ll make up for that in the next post. Have a good week, everyone!

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