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As usually happens in the wake of an eventful and exciting weekend, we tried to take it easy as much as we could this week. We were only partly successful in this endeavor.

Every once in a while I’ll be handling some task around the house and will be presented with an opportunity to run as quickly as I can for my camera.


Like when Max comes upstairs looking like this.

Other times, this urge hits me when we’re somewhere out in the world and my camera is safely tucked away at the house.


In which case cell phone shots are better than nothing.

Weekdays are like that. Weekends, of course, are a time when I try to make up for the lack of photos taken during the routine of the week. Usually this is because we’re involved in some kind of event.


Like the first time Max has had a buddy over to the house in months.


…or another birthday party with Owen.

These events just happened to overlap a bit. For some reason Owen insisted that I accompany him to this party, so I took to my usual process of splitting my time between playing and snapping photos.


I can’t fit in a lot of this play stuff anyway.


Owen thought it was pretty funny when I trapped him in this oblong donut-shaped pad thing.


I let him out…eventually…


He did his usual bit of dancing.


…and jumping…


…and being totally unimpressed with trying something new…


…and throwing balls at me (see top of frame)…


…and lounging for song time…

Once all the play time was finished, he sat down for the birthday song and some treats.


It’s never to early to start campaigning for Galactic Pope.

As he often does, he refused to eat any cake (he’s not a big frosting fan). We went back in a played a little more, then headed back home to have Max regale us with stories about what he got up to after we left.

The following morning was our usual lazy Sunday, and this weekend Christy got a chance to sleep in a bit. This meant the boys and I just played around quietly downstairs until they found something that amused me enough to get me to grab the camera once again.


I dare you not to laugh at that.


…and a perfectly timed outtake…

The day proceeded typically, but after nap time we had a little bit of business to tend to. Owen has been creeping toward a milestone that involves some pretty big changes to his living space, and it was finally time for us to let him make some choices in that regard.


I think he likes this one.

To be continued next week…

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, click here. Otherwise, feel free to check out a couple of videos from the week before you head out.

Bike Time

Seems like it’s almost time to move him up to the next level.

Puppet Show

In case you were wondering how we spent the rest of our Sunday afternoon.

See you next time!

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