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Last week we completely wore ourselves out with Easter festivities, so this week we decided to find a different way to be exhausted. As usual, the weekdays were uneventful (well, aside from April 1) but the weekend brought some entertainment.

For a week or so, Max has been hearing about April Fool’s Day and was determined to pull a prank on me. When the day arrived, he got some help from mommy and hid his Furby in my car. I didn’t mention to him that I’d suggested this prank myself, and made sure to allow time for it to be carried out. He thought it was hilarious that it was talking all the way to school. This was less amusing on my commute to work, but he was much less noisy once I stowed him in the trunk. Most of the rest of the day was nice and calm.


The weather even cooperated enough to allow them some sandbox time.

Of course, the day wouldn’t end without me getting my revenge.

Flying Buddies

I believe I got the temperature just right.

When the weekend rolled around, we made some plans to go visit some old buddies we haven’t seen in a little while.


Plus their cat.


Alex showed off his basketball skills for a bit.


Then they started chasing each other around the house from room to room.


There goes Mikey…


…and Owen…


…and Max…


…and the little guy bringing up the rear.


They quickly got to the business of making a big mess.

We decided it might be better if we went ahead and got them outside for a bit, given the nice weather.


We followed them out to a park, where Max showed some love.


…and Owen showed us funny faces.


It took a little bit of work, but we got him throwing the frisbee pretty decently by the end of park time.


There was much sliding.


There were many smiles.


Plus lots of showing off, naturally.


Max was having a good time until his brother stole something from him.


He tried to mope, but Alex didn’t care.


I somehow managed to get a decent photo of all of them.


Of course, most of them looked like this.


We packed them up after a little while and changed their clothes to try and get some photos.


The lake was okay for that, but not great.


We let them play a bit more before moving on to another option.


Such a sweet smile.


Max did a bit better.


Plus we managed to get a decent family photo.


Good one of me with the boys as well.



Of course, you can never get boys to behave for long when it’s picture time.

After the boys were nice and sweaty, we decided to head out and grab some dinner with them. Owen followed his usual routine of copying everything Mikey did. This led to a near-minor-meltdown when he was coloring his placemat. He’s been working on coloring inside the lines, but he saw Mikey having a little fun scribbling so he decided to join in. The look on his face when he realized he’d “ruined” his masterpiece was a sight to behold. Luckily we were able to redirect him and calm things down.

The boys worked hard all weekend to try and be on their best behavior because we’d promised them a treat on Sunday. We all got up a little early, got ready to go, and headed out to one of our local pancakeries. This was very exciting to them not for the pancakes, but for the post-meal entertainment.


Balloon animals!

They spent their entire meal trying to decide what to get, and Owen eventually settled on…



Max was a bit more difficult to please. Try as we might, we couldn’t dissuade him from his original plan. He wanted a Skylander. Not just any Skylander, though. He wanted one named “Hothead”. We told him he could ask the balloon guy if he knew how to make it, believing he might say no and try to get him to pick something else.


You can see how that worked out for us.

That guy must have used fifty balloons making this thing. Other children were filling the lobby up and refusing to go eat with their parents because they were in awe during its construction. The boy is spoiled beyond belief. This is what he was doing on the way back to the car in the parking lot.


So happy.

With our bellies full and the back seat of our car filled with balloon animals, we headed across the street to Ikea to grab some shelves and other random items to try and bring a little more order to the house. The boys spent their time in their little play zone and seemed to enjoy themselves. Who knows, maybe we’ll do that again sometime and have a nice, quiet, fancy Swedish meatball dinner without the boys. After that, it was back home to let them play with their balloon animals and help (a little) with trying to get the house cleaned up. We have some visitors arriving this weekend, and we like to at least pretend that we keep this place tidy when they come through.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos, feel free to click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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