Mother’s Day Around Town and Up North

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With our weekend of camping (and a break for Christy) behind us, we forged ahead into what’s becoming an almost reasonably mild spring. We decided to use some of the nice weather to hang out at Mimi and Pappaw’s before having a nice Mother’s Day at home.

As usual, we began our Saturday at home.


They do that sometimes.


Keeps them occupied while we sleep in, I guess.

When we arrived in Sherman, Mimi wasted no time doing what grandmothers do.


Yay, presents!


Owen does love a good ball to kick around…


But it’s kind of tough to compete with a bow and arrow, even if the bow is pink.


Max has the face down pat.


We spent plenty of time just playing out in the yard and walking around in the woods.


I think he wants me to play with him.


Max was quite happy to find a nice big stick to brandish in the woods.


He did take a break eventually to hang out with mommy.

As the day wore on, more and more toys found their way into the backyard.


Who are we to tell them they can’t keep playing?

At some point we had to bring everything inside, but that didn’t mean it was time to stop playing.


Hide and seek, anyone?


Oh, right. We were also celebrating Mother’s Day while we were there.


Then, right back to playtime.


Max took a break to go outside and birdwatch with Pappaw.

After we’d all been fed and we got the boys cleaned up, we headed home to rest up for the following morning. Christy got to sleep in a bit and woke up to some breakfast in bed. She then found out we’d cleaned up the whole house for her so she could have a little less stress in her day. We enjoyed a little more time hanging out and relaxing and had the boys take a nap to sleep off all of the exercise they had on Saturday. After that, we took them out to get some more. They rebuilt one of our local parks and added a new section to it, so we thought the boys might enjoy giving it a shot.


I think those were built for slightly shorter kids.


At least she got a nice photo with the kids on Mother’s Day.


I’d say they had a pretty good time.


Owen insisted on doing this.


Ah, right, my camera has a timer on it.


Yay more family photos!


They always pose better for the silly ones.


I think he may have stolen someone’s glasses.

We finished the day with a trip to Christy’s new favorite barbecue joint (not a bad choice for all of us). Based on her reaction, it was a pretty good Mother’s Day weekend.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next post. Have a good week!

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