Busy Weekend

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Usually our weekends involve a Friday of hanging out with the kids, then we spend Saturday or Sunday out with friends or family. This time, we somehow managed to make plans for the whole thing.

It began with a simple invitation to go see a bike race. It was Friday night and we figured it wouldn’t hurt to let the boys have a bit of fun.


So we met up with Mimi and Pappaw for the evening.

The boys almost immediately grew bored with the bike race, especially once they spotted a toy store nearby.


A bin of building toys drew their attention easily.


Owen built himself a proper monocle with little difficulty. Hm. Indeed.


I, meanwhile, messed around with my camera.

We had a bit of dinner, then hung out around the square a bit longer.


Then it was right back to the toys.


I was eventually able to lure him away with funnel cake.


His brother, too. Funnel cake makes ideal cake bait.

The next day we spent the morning picking up groceries and hanging around the house, which usually means the boys do at least a few amusing things. This one came at the end of our morning routine. We were in the master bathroom and Christy was drying her hair while I brushed my teeth. We heard a noise coming from the bedroom so I went to investigate.


Hmmmm. Mysterious. This wasn’t there before.


I just don’t know what it could be.

After naptime, we came to day two of our out-of-the-house plans, which involved driving out to see some old friends.


So we could jump on their new trampoline.


This lasted for quite a while, with pauses only to demand we return balls that escaped from the netting.


Then when that was done, they played inside.


Then they played upstairs, with Mikey trying desperately to tell them how to play his video games.


Then they got outsmarted by the cat, who wanted nothing to do with them.

We hung out some more, had some pizza, then got the kids home and in bed far too late for their own good. When we awoke, the cycle began anew.


Time for Sherman!

We came out to celebrate Mimi and Pappaw’s 25th anniversary, which meant arriving a little early to assemble a surprise gift for them. The boys were happy to tag along because it meant they got to spend some time with Tanner.


…and with these ducks. Owen was very concerned about getting them organized.


They also wanted to play outside in Tanner’s new fort.

Tanner explained to me that he built the fort all by himself, and that he was, and I’m quoting here, “A genius!” Well done, I say.


I’m trusting him less and less with toy guns.

After a while Mimi and Pappaw arrived and we brought everyone back in.


Turns out Mimi liked those building toys so much she bought a set for her house.


Then there was dancing. So much dancing.

The boys were pretty much all over the place, bouncing between activities faster than we could keep up with them. At one point, I noticed that Owen was in the other room with a toy gun, and was using it as a hammer to demolish some sort of Lego creation. Turns out it was a house Tanner had built, so I gave the appropriate amount of scolding and set about rebuilding things.


Look how remorseful he is. Stinker.


Of course we eventually made nice about it.

We had a meal, hung out for a while, and let the kids do a little more building with Pappaw. He had been diligently constructing things for a while on the floor.


I think we took about twenty of these photos. This was the best we got.

As these things go, we said our goodbyes and loaded the kids back up in the car to get them home for some much needed sleep. The kids probably needed it too.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos, click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

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