A Weekend Off

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As is typical following a really busy weekend (and as a means of softening our lead-in to an upcoming trip) we did very little. So little that I captured a sum total of five photographs to memorialize it.

Everything was pretty standard. Go to the grocery store, hang around the house, maybe play outside a bit. Everyone enjoyed the relaxation and the boys got time to play around on their own a little. They did eventually find an activity that required a little assistance, though.


A fort like this isn’t going to build itself, you know.

They both really enjoyed their time in there, which was nice for Christy and I.


Yep, just hang out in there with the flashlights. Perfect.


Grab whatever toys you like, so long as they light up and don’t make much noise.

Sometimes a little rest is what we all need. We even got Max to lay down for a nap, though he woke up a little before his brother did.


He tried to explain to me that he wasn’t tired anymore.


For some reason I wasn’t inclined to believe him.

Good weekend, by my standards. We’ll get back into our routine next time around, with an inevitable mega-post upcoming when we make our trip out to California. I’d link to the photo set, but that’s it for the week. See you next time!

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