San Diego Part 3: The Denoument

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With the main purpose of our trip behind us, we still had some vacation time to burn. We’d decided (along with Uncle Mike) to spend the time back in San Diego. The weather continued its nice streak, which gave us a perfect opportunity to drag the kids out for some more outdoor fun.


They didn’t seem to mind.

Yes, we have a SeaWorld in Texas. What we don’t have is one that is located slightly farther away from the surface of the sun. We did the obligatory look through the schedule and determined the best course of action, then we began to wander while we waited for a show to start.


We somehow managed to score the best spot at the dolphin tank for a few moments.

After they’d all given their best shot at petting a dolphin, it was time to live up to a promise I’d made to Max several weeks before.


It was time for the exciting waiting in line ride.

Christy was kind enough to stay behind with Owen and managed to snap a few photos once we finally made our way to the ride.


Oh hi there. So glad to see you.

It was about this time when I heard Christy telling Owen to “PUSH THE BUTTON!”


And thus we were sprayed with a water cannon.


I managed to get completely drenched, and everyone had a great time.


Then we wandered some more. First, off to a starfish petting tank.


Owen wanted to get in on the action as well.

Right next to that we found the first show of the day, which was a SeaWorld version of Cirque. It began with some clowns messing with members of the audience.


The kids found these antics hilarious.

After that we had to split up a bit so Collyn could go ride a roller coaster with Mike. We took a walk through an indoor aquarium, then headed over to another petting tank nearby.


Bat rays, apparently.

Then we all made our way over to the big show, where Christy had kindly saved us all a seat.


Ah yes, the main event.


Once that was done, Owen showed a little love for his cousins.


Then we demanded yet another family photo.


Though we got a better one, in my opinion, after the shark tank.


Owen found himself a souvenier there, too.

We rode another small ride near there before heading on to another show. Unfortunately we couldn’t snap any photos because my lovely wife had once again agreed to go ahead and save us some seats.


Everyone was getting a bit tired, but they were still up for more.


So we watched the dolphins for a bit.

There had been a lot of discussion about rides throughout the day, specifically about Owen not being able to go on any of them. The stuffed shark was part of his consolation prize, but we decided to spend a little more time in the park so we could fully make it up to him.


He chose the teacup ride.


So did Collyn and Chandler. This was the only photo I could get of them before they started spinning like maniacs.


Meanwhile, I was told to make sure it didn’t go too fast.


Mike and Kyle opted for the up-and-down plane/fish ride thing.


So did Christy and Max.

After that we were well and truly worn out. We stopped by the gift shop, stopped for some In and Out on the way back to hotel, then started getting the kids ready for bed. I told Owen to go grab his pajamas out of the bathroom and started helping Max get ready. I couldn’t have been looking away for more than a minute, but somehow…


This bed is nice. Where are you sleeping?

We got some much needed sleep, had one last breakfast with the gang, then left for the airport. The kids were pretty worn out but managed to stay awake for the whole flight anyway. Then, at long last, we arrived in Dallas.


Which meant playing with the plane while we waited to get out.


This is the last picture in the set. I feel it’s fitting.

Thus ended our long weekend in a place we’ll be wanting to return to as soon as possible, especially with the triple-digit temperatures we keep getting around here.

If you want to check out the full set of photos, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time with a return to normal, single-post updates.

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