Movies, Fireworks, and Camping

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With July suddenly upon us, we found ourselves preparing for the inevitable explosions and warm weather. Thankfully the latter was a little more flexible for us. A slightly milder week was upon us, so we took it as an opportunity to spend some time outdoors.

Of course, we did have a lot of time to fill in the lead-up to fireworks. When the kids have a day off from school, we have to find ways to keep them entertained. Once again the fates shined upon them and an age-appropriate movie was released just in time.


No, not Turbo, but they did enjoy the statue in the lobby.

The rest of the day was spent getting our ducks in a row so we could grab a nice spot to watch the fireworks. This usually involves a lot of sitting around and waiting, but I’d picked up a few things to keep the boys occupied. Owen enjoyed the throwable popping fireworks, but wanted nothing to do with the sparklers.


Max, on the other hand…


He thought it was cool when I showed him pictures of him doing this.

The nice weather gave me an idea, and I decided to book a last-minute trip to whatever campground I could find. Since our tent can only fit three of us, it was also a chance for Christy to get a little break from the kids. We packed up the car and some new cooking gadgetry (a pie iron, which I highly recommend) and headed on our way. We had to stop for lunch on the way in, and on a whim I decided to make a very un-camping-like choice for our meal.


Owen’s never been to a hibachi place before.


Neither had Max.

They both seemed to enjoy themselves, aside from Owen being a little afraid of the giant fireball. All was well when he got a nice plateful of shrimp. We headed back to the car and drove the rest of the way to the campsite. We set up camp and did a little unsuccessful fishing, but things were getting a bit warmer than I’d expected. Much to the boys’ chagrin, I had them change into their swimsuits and we took a long walk over to the swimming area. All of the complaining and whining seemed to fade away once they were in the water.


The water, while a bit cloudy, was nice and cool.

We hung out there for a while, then we got dried off and realized there was a little camp store nearby. The boys both got a snow cone (which they enjoyed greatly) and I made a couple of phone calls. We were joined that evening for dinner by their uncle Steve and their cousin Casen. The boys found this quite exciting, but I was too busy making s’more sandwiches and hot dogs to remember to take any photos.

As the evening grew darker, someone across the lake apparently decided it was time to use up their remaining cache of fireworks. Max was super excited about this, but Owen demanded (as is his normal reaction) that I cover his ears as much as possible. He’s not a big fan of the loud noises.

We wished Steve and Casen on their way and settled in for some sleep. When we awoke the next morning, I got out some breakfast we’d picked up the day before.


Mmmmm. Camp donuts.

We didn’t have much time left before the heat returned, so we took a little trip down the nature trail.


Which, I believe, is right around here.

Owen was pretty worn out after that, so we packed things up a little early and headed home. We made it just in time to join Christy for a nice lunch so we could all catch up and let the boys excitedly tell her all about everything. Turned out to be a pretty good weekend.

If you want to see a couple more photos, feel free to click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

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