Science! (Also Butterflies and a Birthday)

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Back at the end of June, we paid a visit to the newly built science museum in downtown Dallas. The boys enjoyed it so much that we picked up a season pass to encourage us to keep going back. The pass also included the ability to get some other kids in for free, so naturally we took advantage of that opportunity.


And thus we wound up at the museum with as much family as we could gather.


Owen insisted on holding on to the tickets.


Our first stop, to pre-wear them out, was the sports hall.


There was racing…


Then more racing…


A bit of baseball…


A bit of soccer…


And, of course, some reviewing of the tape in slow-motion.

The kids found it especially hilarious when they realized they could scrub the video back and forth to make it look like they were moving super fast.


Ahhh, such nice, well-behaved children.


From there, it was up to the main floor with the space stuff and the dinosaurs and what not.


“Have you always been interested in fossils?”


Hmm…you know, I’d never really thought about it before, but probably yes.


If we ever bring one of these back, everyone’s first instinct will be to ride on it.

When you make your way upstairs from the giant dinosaur skeletons, there’s a long line that leads up to a big screen. On this screen there is a bird. This bird can be controlled by…well, I’ll just show you.


Did I mention it’s in 3D?


Everybody seemed to want to take a turn.


Can’t say I blame them, it looked pretty fun.

We were a little pressed for time so we decided to skip the energy floor and skip right to the interactive science stuff.


Thus Tanner got to program a robot.


And Casen, Jayden, and Steve got to do some microscope-related lab work.


Owen was struggling a little with how these building toys worked.


He figured it out eventually.


After a bit of a line, the boys got a chance to draw on this spinning light wheel.

Once we were done with all that, we went back downstairs to the kid zone to finish out the afternoon.


Owen seemed pretty happy with the day.


Max and Blakely, too.


How am I not going to take a picture of that?

After more fun with the water table and a brief stop outside…


There were frogs out there!

We had to split a little early, but that gave us the chance to take the kids out for one of their new favorite meals.


No hints. You’ll just have to guess where.

We’d actually gone to the museum on Thursday, which left us with the kids back in school on Friday. Owen had dress up day for his Fun Friday, which meant he got to dig into the playroom closet a bit.


Always happy to see the Halloween costumes get some extra use.

Then, the weekend was upon us. In addition to all the science on Thursday, we’d actually had a little experiment going on in our guest room for about a week. During our first trip to the museum we’d picked up one of those grow-a-bunch-of-buterflies kit. They had emerged a few days earlier and it was time to release them into the world.


There’s always time for a brief photo op.


They were super excited about this.


Hey, I managed to catch one mid-escape.


It was all quite entertaining.

The rest of Saturday was pretty standard. Sunday, though, was my 33rd birthday. I celebrated by sleeping in and hanging out around the house all day.


It was a little rainy, so I let the boys have some fun too.


They found this agreeable.

I unwrapped all my presents and we found ourselves with an abundance of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle wrapping paper. Max decided it was time for a craft project.


So they made capes.


One for each of them.


The superhero situation escalated quickly.

After all that silliness, I took advantage of my birthday-granted ability to choose where we went for dinner. I picked my favorite pizza joint, and we had a very stimulating conversation over dinner with the kids.


There’s a TV up there.

It was a busy week, and a great birthday with the usual surprise gift from my lovely wife (I didn’t know I wanted a steam convection toaster oven until I had one). I’m pretty sure everyone was happy with how it all turned out.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. Otherwise, see you next time!

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