Max’s Pre-School Graduation

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Max still has a week (well, a half-week) of preschool left, but he gets to have his graduation party a little bit early. We’ve been waiting for this moment so long, it’s hard to believe it’s finally upon us.

But first, the Owen show. It hardly seems fair that Max would have a big party and Owen would be left out of all the celebration. As luck would have it, Owen’s class had a party that day for their Fun Friday. We’d taken the day off to steel our resolve, so we figured we could make an appearance.


He and his buddies were happy to see us.

It was a pretty typical party, as these things go.


Owen made funny faces and ate a huge snack.


Christy and I took turns sitting on a tiny chair.


Owen took his obligatory end-of-the-year-with-his-teacher photo.


And with another teacher, for good measure.


Then Max demanded to get in on the action.

After that, it was all rushing around and preparing and a very brief dinner before the main event. We got Max into his pre-chosen outfit to wear under his gown.


Christy almost cried.


Max just wanted to make silly expressions.


Dads, if this shows up on your porch one day ten years or so from now, I’m truly sorry. You don’t stand a chance.


Owen, of course, had to dress up a little too.


Mimi and Pappaw kindly showed up for the festivities.


Then all the kids started shuffling in for showtime.

What followed was a cavalcade of entertainment designed to make all the moms weep openly.


There was singing.


There was bell jingling.


There were hand motions.


…and more hand motions that Max seemed far more into than the other kids.


…and a slide show with hopes and dreams and mommy tears.


Then the final farewell to day care.


Diploma and all.


Everyone moved their tassels over with as much confusion as possible.


Then Max waited patiently and goofily in the back row for everything to be over.


He had some bouquets to hand out, but it was made clear that I had to take this picture first.


Then he ran around and gave them away.


We snapped a few more photos before letting him take his get-up off.


He was a good sport about it, thankfully.


We actually managed to get some decent family shots.


Plus one of these.

Then it was all over, and there was only one thing left to do.

Dance, Dance, Dance

I believe the rhythm has them.

And that’s it! After another brief week of day care Max will be off to Kindergarten and Owen will be moving up a class and inching ever closer to joining his brother. Things are about to get a lot crazier around here, with school and soccer and potential upcoming vacations, but I’ll try to keep things updated around here as well as I can. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time!

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