Time off and a Birthday

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This is the last week before the big change, so naturally school decided to give the boys two days off. This meant that Christy and I would be taking those days off from work and had to figure out a way to fill all that time.

But first, we had to take care of a project Max has been asking us to do since sometime last year. When we went to the zoo in Chicago, he picked out a kit that lets you make an elephant out of recycled odds and ends. We finished collecting everything ages ago, but never quite got around to actually doing the project.


So the project was done.

Max was quite satisfied with his work, and spent the rest of the evening decorating it with the provided stickers.

The school week went by without incident, leading us into our four day weekend. Thursday we decided it was high time to clean the house from top to bottom in anticipation of the arrival of some grandparents. This was the night of Max’s Kindergarten orientation, so Mimi and Pappaw agreed to take Owen out for dinner and make him feel special for a while. We went to school and went through all the confusion of figuring all this out for the first time. We found our supplies inadequate, and made note to shore them up before Monday. Max didn’t seem to mind, and spent his time helping me put what we did have into the appropriate bins.


And, of course, sitting at his new seat. It appears to be located front and center in the room.

2013-08-22 18.16.09

We couldn’t resist snapping one of these.

We separated for a while so the principal could explain everything to all of the parents and the kids could go have a little fun. We went back to his classroom (without him) and watched a quick slide presentation to explain even more to us. Then we all got back together and headed out to grab a quick meal before heading home to a very happy Owen. Apparently Mimi and Pappaw bought him a flashlight, so there wasn’t anything in the way of complaints to be had.

With all that excitement behind us, we tried to get the boys to bed as quickly as possible. We had some plans made for the following day.

We got up a little ealier than usual for a weekend, got the boys dressed and ready to go, then headed downtown. There was a brief stop at a donut store before we got to our destination.


They have waterfalls there.


And birds you can totally feed with your bare hands.


And computer screens that are far more interesting than ACTUALLY LOOKING AT THE BIRD THAT IS RIGHT THERE SERIOUSLY.


And otters. Okay I’ll just say it. We went to the aquarium.

We haven’t been there since (pause to consult the photo library) February of 2011, so as far as they were concerned this is the first time they’ve ever been. Owen was much more mobile than last time, so he was running all over and telling us about everything.


No, Daddy. BEHIND YOU.


Oh right. The enormous fish tank. How could I miss that.


Max wanted to know if this fish was as big as he was.


I took my obligatory boys-in-the-bubble shot.


Just like last time.


Then they tried their best to be bored with sharks.


They were far more interested in giving me zerberts.


Wet, disgusting zerberts.


After which they were slightly more excited about the sharks.


But somehow less excited about the jaguar.





For some reason we didn’t let them buy those.


Before we left, I forced Max to backtrack a bit. He was glad I did. “Mommy, the guy had BIRDS on his HEAD!”

That was pretty much our Friday. We knew we were going to have to try and keep them somewhat rested before Monday so we spent as much of the rest of the weekend at home as we could. Saturday, though, we had prior arrangements.


Getting tickled by Mimi wasn’t planned, but was welcome.


We were really there for this little guy’s first birthday.


Max loved messing around with him, as he usually does.


Owen decided to do this for a while until we turned the TV off.


He perked up a bit, and showed his peep bunny to some cats.


Then he went and played with his brother and cousins.


This evolved into a peep bunny throwing contest.


Owen, as usual, was pretty good at it.


I think he wanted a little space from Maggie after a while.


We wished him luck with that.


Max, meanwhile, was trying to do somersaults into this thing.


Before we knew it, it was time for presents!


Plus the traditional thievery of said presents from babies who don’t know any better.


And then there were cupcakes.




Ahhh, yes. Cupcakes.


This is moments before he was whisked away by his grandmother so he would stop rubbing icing in his eyes. Clearly for the best.

We played a little longer, then decided it was time to head out.


Which meant the boys wanted to play outside for a while first.


The little guy didn’t seem to mind.


I explained to the boys that I wanted to try something. I got down on the ground and told them to look down into the camera.


Maggie demanded to be included, and I gladly obliged.


I’m not sure I could pick a better photo to close out the week.

It seems like time has flown by over the last five-plus years. Max will be starting Kindergarten on Monday and Owen will be a scant two years behind him. Combine that with the boys starting their soccer season this week and ongoing swim classes and we have quite a full schedule ahead of us. I’m sure the time is just going to keep on flying by, but we’ll do our best to keep posting so we don’t forget all the crazy times along the way.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time with photos of Max’s first day of school!

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