Balloons and a Birthday

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We have an annual tradition of attending our local hot air balloon festival in the aftermath of Owen’s birthday party. This year was no exception, but the scheduling of it resulted in us deciding to go it alone this time around. Soccer games were cancelled in the morning on Saturday, but thankfully the weather cooperated with us and things were quite nice for the evening.

We began with our usual dance of trying to locate the perfect spot. We managed to limit the blanket moves to two times.


The boys didn’t care, they just wanted to see balloons.

Unfortunately, the wind didn’t cooperate so we didn’t get to see all the balloons lift off.


So we played games on the blanket instead.


And made lovely faces for pictures.


And ate corndogs.


And pretended to sleep next to daddy and a giant bag of kettle corn.


Then they started inflating balloons.


Owen found this quite exciting.


And stole my hat.


And was ready to rock.


We also got what is probably the most defining family photo we’ve taken so far.


Eventually Max spotted something and we decided to take a closer look.


A little while after that, it was time to shut it all down.

As with previous years, we decided it was going to be too late to let the boys stay up and watch the fireworks. Maybe next year (though we might be out of state next time around). We did have a little bit of an excuse, though, given that we had to go to a birthday party the following day.

For some reason I opted to leave my camera at home. This meant I was left with only my phone to snap pictures.


This was all I could get of the carousel.


And this was all I could get of the rest.

This is unfortunate, because I missed the opportunity to take a video of Max taking his first ride on bumper cars. Apparently he had a little trouble at first but figured it out before long. No matter, though, as I joined him for a second round. Next time I’ll strap a GoPro to him or something.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the balloon fest, feel free to click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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