Bikes, Soccer, and A Party

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I believe a theme is forming for our little blog. A formula of sorts. Something happens on the weekend, then we go to a birthday party. This time the something was a set of soccer games. But before all that we spent some time outside in what’s been very nice weather lately.

Owen is continuing to grow despite our best efforts to stop him, and we finally decided that he’s outgrown his tricycle. This meant I spent some hurried minutes attaching a pair of training wheels to Max’s old hand-me-down bike.


I believe he is pleased.


He took off almost immediately. The boy’s a natural.


He did need a few pushes here and there, but managed pretty well for a first effort.


Someone decided I was paying too much attention to his brother and decided to photobomb.

After that, it was a pretty standard week of school and soccer/swim practice. Then things began as usual on Saturday morning.


Max cheered on his brother…


Owen refused to step onto the field…

This lasted three quarters of the way into the game, after which I somehow managed to just leave him on the field and hope for the best.


So he played for a few minutes.

Just barely enough to keep him from a severe punishment when he got back home. Stinker.

In the afternoon I got Max all ready to go for his game and drove out to the field. As we walked out to meet his team the sky opened up and the game was canceled. So it goes. We already had some more make-up games scheduled anyway so we just spent the evening relaxing and preparing for a full Sunday.


Surprisingly enough, Owen got out on the field with no difficulty at all.


The fact that I subbed in for the coach had nothing to do with it, since I only subbed in for the second quarter.


He’s getting pretty good at soccer, just needs to work on his follow-through.


He’s a bit of a copycat, too, which can get him in trouble.

With his game behind him, Owen was all ready to go to his best buddy’s birthday party.


It’s weird, since we didn’t get the impression until recently that he even had a best buddy.


Yet there he was, inseparable and goofy throughout.

He was so exhausted that he was napping when Max’s next game was scheduled to start. I decided to let him sleep and give Christy a break for a little while.


Max, too, is getting better with every passing week.


Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s stopped goofing off entirely.

It was a busy but increasingly typical weekend for us, and you’ll find that our next post is an even bigger case of deja vu. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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