Science, Soccer, and Camping

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After a solid month of weekends involving parties, we finally had one all to ourselves. The weather has been cooperating lately so I decided it was high time to get the boys back to the outdoors for a bit. First, though, we had to make it through the week.

Max’s school often has events on Thursday nights, and he was quite excited about going to the one scheduled this week. Not surprising, since I’ve been working hard to get him interested in science since he was a tiny baby.


So we built paper bridges and put erasers to test their strength.


Then got inside a giant bubble.


Owen refused to do this one until he saw Max in there.

We tested the conductivity of rocks, flung pennies into jars, and did some other little experiments until it was time to head home. The boys really seemed to enjoy themselves so I have a feeling we’ll be doing some more experiments at home with them.

The following morning Max had another event at school. He’s been collecting pledges for iRun, which is a grueling test of endurance and strength for Kindergarteners.


But first, a warm-up.


It was an excellent day for running laps outside.


We decided he deserved a little encouragement and chipped in for a sign.


Did I mention the giant inflatable football helmet tunnel? I feel like I should do that.


They also got a mascot from the local baskeball team to encourage the kiddos.


We each got out there a little to keep him moving.


He was pretty happy when he got to the end (21 laps!)

We sent him off on his sweaty way back to class, then finished out our work days so we could prepare for the weekend. The reason I was able to work in a camping trip was that the boys both had their soccer games earlier in the day on Saturday.


Owen actually played for a bit.


Max, meanwhile, told Mimi about all the things he wanted from a toy catalog.


Back on the field, Owen practiced flying.


Then contemplated the finer things in life.


Max has been working hard on his skills, though he’s more into defense. His height makes him quite formidable in this department.


The boys were quite happy that Mimi came along to watch their games.


Mostly, again, to show her what toys they wanted.

After the games we hurried through a quick lunch and piled the boys and gear into the car so I could head to the campsite. I try to pick places a little ways out of town so we can actually see some stars at night, so it was a little bit of a trek to get out there. When we arrived, we were immediately greeted by some local wildlife.


This guy clearly did not care about us being there.

The afternoon was a comedy of errors, starting with a failed fishing expedition and ending with me being very frustrated at two boys who couldn’t listen while I tried to make dinner happen for them. The light rain that arrived just as we started the fire didn’t help matters. Thankfully they somehow managed to clean up their act the next morning, the rain let up, and things went a bit more smoothly.


Like a proper outdoorsman, Max captured a spider for his entertainment.


It took some convincing, but Owen even let it crawl on him a little bit.

The campsite next door to us had been making a bit of noise in the evening. Max was showing the kids there his spider and we took it as an opportunity to find out what was up. Turns out they were playing washers, which the boys were more than happy to learn and play themselves.


Max kept overshooting the target, which led to some amusing excursions into the woods to find things.


Owen had a bit better luck with it.

Once we’d had our fill of walking around the nature trails (and saw that armadillo a few more times) we got our stinky, muddy selves back into the car and headed home. It’s been a crazy week, but everyone had their share of fun along the way. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. Otherwise feel free to indulge in some dancing and scary stories before you head out.


Warm-up before the soccer games. Owen’s been trying to learn this dance for weeks now.

Scary Stories: Max Edition

Featuring well-honed shrimp.

Scary Stories: Owen Edition

Featuring his version of naughty language.

The end!

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