Emma’s Birthday Party

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Clearly we’ve had enough of a break from parties, so we go once more into the fray. This time we headed down to Houston to celebrate with Emma. This meant skipping a couple of soccer games, but the boys didn’t seem to mind too much.

We’ll start with Monday, though, since Max had the day off from school. Things went pretty smoothly. He continues to insist that he no longer needs naps now that he’s in Kindergarten. We believe otherwise, and try to get him down for some mid-day rest whenever possible.


I think he came out of his room before he was really ready to be up.

We arrived as usual on Friday, just in time to get the boys down for bed and settle in for the crazy day to come. In the morning everyone was excited to see each other, and the boys ran off to play almost immediately after we got to the park.


I was called over by someone who wanted some swing assistance.


The boys spent a little time playing on the playground, but soon became distracted.


There was face painting to be had.


Emma opted to be a dog.


Max very quickly decided to become a ninja turtle.


Owen had to think about it, but I think he made the right call.


Mommy decided to join in their photo the same way they often join in ours.


Yes, I took a picture of a ninja turtle eating pizza.


I squeezed my way into the bounce house for a little while.


This is usually a worthwhile endeavor.


Not pictured: me hold him so he doesn’t run off to bounce again.


It has been requested that I try to get more photos with their cousins.


We had to drag them out eventually for cake time.


Yay grandparent picture!

Once all the cake had been consumed, the presents packed away, and I was finished playing on the playground, we took the kids home and scrubbed all the paint off before getting them a nap. The rest of the night was an unknown for us, as Nan and Papa were kind enough to take the kids off our hands so we could enjoy some time out. All that was left for us was a leisurely Sunday.


We even got a nice family photo out of it.


Honestly though, I kind of like this one better.

Another successful weekend for everyone, I’d say. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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