Costumes, Soccer, and More Parties

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We’re continuing with our theme of partying all the time but this week we decided to branch out a little and include something that wasn’t a birthday party. Halloween is fast approaching, so it’s high time we got some use out of the boys’ costumes.

We begin with the yearly Halloween party at day care. Max has moved on to Kindergarten, but that doesn’t mean he can’t partake in the festivities.


He didn’t want a matching costume with his brother this year, so he went with Pikachu.


Owen, unsurprisingly, wanted to be a superhero.


So we played all the games.


And ate some dinner with Batman. (I hear that juice tastes like JUSTICE)


I…yeah, no jokes. The photo speaks for itself.


Owen made us a little something to take home.


Apparently there were a few batmen in Owen’s class. Or is it “batmans”?


More games were played.


More faces were made.


And a little more posing was had.

It was getting late, so we got Pikachu and Spiderman home so they could rest up. They’d need it, since they both had soccer games in the morning.


Max did pretty well on the field this week.

You can tell we’ve had a lot of games already, because I’m getting to the point that if I get a few good action shots I’m done for the day. No more sorting through a hundred pictures a game.


Owen had his pictures scheduled, so we had to spike his hair up.


Once photos were done, he was out on the field to show off his skills some more.


Meanwhile, Max was off trying to impress some random girl by climbing a wall.


He stopped eventually to rejoin us on the sidelines.

I wasn’t over there when it happened, but somehow Max got his hands on someone’s baby. It’s a shame we’re not having any more kids, because I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him quite as happy as this.


100% pure happy.


Meanwhile, on the field, Owen was doing his best to goof off and avoid actually playing.

When all the goofing off and babysitting was done with, it was time to head to Sherman for yet another party. At least we’d be knocking out three at once, as we were celebrating with Pappaw, Casen, and Jayden.


The kids got right down to business building things.


The grown-ups got to work tearing things down.


I assume mommy asked him to smile nicely for her.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty standard, save for the construction work and something I’ll discuss later.


Gifts were opened.


Boys were tickled.


Candles were extinguished.


Cake was eaten.

I also put Mimi to work on helping bring my Halloween costume to life. And by “helping” I mean “she summoned her magic sewing abilities and did everything”. More on that next week, but for now I’ll extend yet another (in an unending series of) thanks to her for all her hard work.

Sunday was a stay at home day, so we did what we could to get the house ready for Halloween.


Which basically just meant carving pumpkins.


Max even helped a little bit this year.

Next week we’ll have the final results of all that carving, plus photos of my Halloween costume and whatever other crazy stuff we got up to. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, feel free to click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time!

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