Halloween and Goals

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The bewitchingest holiday of the year is upon us. Pumpkins and costumes and candy await, but that wasn’t all the excitement we’d have this weekend. A weekend soccer game provided some surprises for us, but we’ll get to that after the holiday celebrations. We’re going to change things up a little bit just for this one entry. Turns out we had some things that fell somewhere between the land of photos and videos. I decided to meet in the middle and resort to the fine Internet art of animated GIFs.

As with every year, carving a couple of big pumpkins is never enough for the boys. They must also be placated with smaller, more paintable pumpkins.


So paint them we did.


The carved pumpkins turned out pretty well.


As did the painted ones and our yearly pirate.

When Halloween arrived, it brought with it a morning school event for me to attend with Max (some sort of breakfast with Daddy). We arrived right on time and set to the business of having a very serious meal.


Max had a cinnamon roll. A messy, messy cinnamon roll.

From there, I headed to work and enjoyed our annual Halloween party with my colleagues.


I also got a lot of work done.


Did have a little trouble with the vending machine, though.

Yes, that’s the result of all that hard work Mimi did. I have a feeling she could retire on the profits she could make selling those things.

When I returned from work, I had a bit of dry ice leftover from the punch bowl so I had to dispose of it. Instead of being boring and just leaving it in the bag to slowly waft away, I dumped it in the sink and started running hot water over it.


The boys found this awesome.


They found it even more awesome when I showed them they could make giant clouds by blowing into the sink.

Then, before we knew it, the time was upon us. We suited up and headed out to gather our candy.


What, you think I’m not going to get as much use out of this thing as I can?

We made a pass of the immediate neighborhood before it started getting dark, returned home to pass out a little bit of candy, then ventured out into the wider neighborhood to seek out the “crazy house”. There’s a house a little out of the way that is decorated with tons of Halloween stuff, and the boys demanded to walk all the way out to it. When we arrived, Owen immediately refused to go anywhere near it. Thankfully, Max braved the walk to the door and was rewarded with a little extra candy to give to his brother. We made a very tired trudge back home and finally got everyone down to bed (after a couple pieces of candy, naturally).

With Halloween behind us, it was time to return to our usual routine. The soccer season is winding down and Saturday was Owen’s last game. Apparently he took this as his cue to become a soccer star.


Unlike Max, who took it as his cue to take a nap.


We did manage to get him up so he could hang out with a girl he used to go to school with.

But I digress. There was a soccer game going on, and Owen was on FIRE.


This was actually goal number two.

I was lucky enough to catch goals number one and three on video (apologies for the wind noise).


Not sure why he didn’t do this earlier in the season, but I’ll take it.

He was pretty excited about his accomplishments, but that wasn’t all the fun we’d be having. Christy spotted an event at our local science center that we knew the kids would love. After the holiday, everyone has all these pumpkins they don’t know what to do with. Our local science discovery center decided to give people an option other than just throwing them out.


Pumpkin trebuchet, anyone?

We joined the end of the very long line and watched as pumpkins were chucked across the field for a while. Sadly we didn’t have enough time to get our pumpkins chucked, but the kids had fun anyway. When the time came, we were off to Max’s soccer game.


Max continues to work hard this season.

He’s not aggressive enough to get out to the goal, but he remains an excellent defender and his skills have improved a lot this year.

It was a crazy week, but we have plenty of those ahead of us so we might as well get used to them. You can click here to see the rest of the photos for the week. I have one last video to share, so feel free to enjoy it before you depart to other Internet realms.

Wavy Tube Max

He requested it, and I was happy to allow it.

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