Max’s 6th Birthday and Trophy Acquisition

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Another week, another birthday party. This time, though, it’s actually one of ours! Max turned six years old this week and we invited a whole gaggle of buddies and cousins out to celebrate with us. Not to be outdone, Owen had a little celebration of his own a bit earlier in the week.

As I mentioned last week, Owen closed out his soccer season with his three-goal game. All that was left was for him to claim his trophy. It was decided that we would do so at a pizza party, and so we went.


His first trophy! Hooray!

He spent the rest of the evening goofing off.


And making silly faces at me.


His brother was fresh off his last soccer practice, and just wanted to play games.

The rest of the week was a flurry of house cleaning and preparation for both the party and the company we had arriving on Friday night. Normally we don’t get visitors until after the boys have gone to bed, but this time someone made the mistake of arriving early.

Papa Wrestling

My guess is Papa shows up at midnight next time he comes to visit.

Everyone else showed up after the boys went to bed, but there was plenty of time to see them in the morning.


Here you see Emma bouncing on a ball and RyanPaul preparing to erase a carefully drawn message to Max.


It’s cool, though. We distracted him soon enough.

This was only the beginning of our Saturday, which would wind up being a very full day indeed. After breakfast, we ran all over the place to pick up the cake and the supplies for the party. I arrived a few minutes late with Papa but no one really seemed to notice.


They were a bit busy.


The little guys got to play too, which they appreciated.


While they were distracted, we assembled the cake.


Their first project was to build a tower.


RyanPaul wandered off halfway through.


Meanwhile, Owen was adding a dinosaur to his tower.


The whole thing was a little crazy but oddly organized.

When they were finished, they moved their towers over for part two of the activity, which involved having said towers knocked over.


This part of the process demonstrates the inherent impermanence of all material things.


After all the carnage, a quick cleanup.


Then it was time to make some vehicles.


…and get a drink, I guess.


Then get kidnapped and tickled by Nan and mommy.


Emma only let me take a “nice” picture when I told her I’d post it instead of the one with her sticking her tongue out at me.



There was a second part to this activity as well.


Chaos personified.

Once all the cars were cleaned up, it was time to move on to the cake.


Mmmm yes. Cake. Muhahahahaaaaa.


Crazy to believe he’s six.

Before he blew out his candles, he was reminded to make a wish.

“I wish for my tooth to finally fall out!”, he immediately replied.


Obligatory candle blow-out shot.

After cake, they were all allowed to make a custom mini-fig for themselves.


Max chose dual lightsabers. I couldn’t be more proud.

We sent everyone off with goodie bags of candy and lego kits and made our way back home. Spaghetti and meatballs were served for all (except the kids, they had pizza) and then it was time for Max to do what he’d been wanting all day.



Emma (well, Aunt Jenn really) got Max a Rainbow Loom, which is all he’d been talking about since he found out they existed a few weeks ago.


So he of course thanked her profusely.


Apparently if you have a lego party people get you lego stuff. LOTS of lego stuff.

We also got him something he’s been begging us to get him for months (possibly years) now.


Because what’s a video game without an associated line of unreasonably priced toys?


Of course, Max just wanted to learn to work the loom.


Obligatory “Jon get a shot for the photo book” photo.

The kids were getting a bit restless so we decided to get the bounce house back out of storage for the afternoon.


This was a welcome surprise.


I don’t even know where he found those.


Here we see Owen in mid-air right before he collides with Alex.

Christy mentioned that the whole family hadn’t seen my Halloween costume yet, so I pulled it out of hiding and walked around for a bit. This led to the kids asking to wear it, which I of course allowed immediately.


All the photos of Mikey I have from the party are from when he’s in this thing.

You’d think that would be quite enough for one day, but you’d be wrong. Max had his last soccer practice this week, which of course means he had his last game on the weekend. So we went to that in the afternoon.


He put it another good performance, and his coach was proud of all the improvement he’s made this season.


Meanwhile, on the sidelines…


I think we must have given him some cheetos or something…


He was having an awful lot of fun.

Then, because even that wasn’t enough, we sent everyone back to the house while I took Max to the after party. He played with his teammates for a while, then sat down for a few minutes before we had to go.


And so he adds another to his collection.

Unfortunately Aunt Jenn had to head home, which meant that RyanPaul and Emma wouldn’t be joining us for dinner. Fortunately, Nan and Papa were able to stay behind. We went to a local cafe we’d never taken the boys to before, and they were somewhat surprised at the portion sizes.





After that, everyone was so fully worn out that it was time to go to bed. But that wouldn’t be the last of our weekend excitement. Turns out on Sunday he’d get that birthday wish after all.


He’s been wiggling the thing for what seems like weeks. A quick tug with some string fixed it for him.

It was a completely crazy, but quite entertaining week for everyone. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, feel free to click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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