Max’s Actual 6th and Lake Time

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Rare is the occasion that Max’s birthday actually falls on the day we have his big party. This year was no exception, so we had a little extra celebrating to do. Thankfully it was a much quieter week, seeing as things are going to be crazy over the next month and a half.

Wednesday was the day of celebration, so I got up a little early to make it special.


Someone had to go get donuts, after all.


He must have made the same wish as last time…


…because the second top tooth came out that day.

This one gave us a little more trouble. The string worked flawlessly except that it let the tooth go after it was out of his mouth. I spent about ten minutes on my hands and knees before I finally extracted the tooth from the carpet.

As is our tradition, Max got to choose something to do that evening for his birthday. Instead of picking a crazy place to eat he chose to visit a new spot in the mall.


It involves bears, and building them in a workshop environment.


This may be the hundredth stuffed animal we welcome into our home. I’d have to count to be sure.


Of course, his brother can’t be left out so…a hundred and one.


We finished out the evening with a proper birthday cupcake.

The rest of the week was an attempt to return things to normal. We did a little shopping, a little cleaning, and a lot of trying to rest. But on Sunday the weather outside was just too good for us to stay indoors. So we packed up a picnic lunch and some fishing poles and headed out to the lake.


There may also have been some cheetos.


Max insisted on relaxing once Mommy got comfortable.

As we sat and ate, we noticed that a lot of the turtles were climbing up on logs and onto the shore nearby to enjoy the sun. Naturally I took this as an opportunity to challenge the children to catch one.


Owen was trying to hold Max back. You have to be sneaky to catch a turtle, you know.

They didn’t get within ten feet of a turtle, but they had fun anyway. When we’d all finished our lunch we got out the fishing poles.


And proceeded to catch NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I feel like I’m losing my touch. Or the fish were sleeping. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Sleeping.


The boys quickly grew bored with the lack of fish, and started goofing off elsewhere.

Turned out to be a decently relaxing week. This is good, because we have a vacation coming up that will keep us incredibly busy. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time with part one of our crazy Thanksgiving Week.

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