Thanksgivening 2013: Part 1

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Thanksgiving doesn’t happen until the following Thursday, but this year we took the whole week off. Really, the holiday started on Friday after work when we packed everything up in our car and prepared for a week of road trips.

As so often happens, I snapped a single picture of one of the boys at some point during the week, but most of our photos are from the weekend.


Those are not your shoes.

The main reason this week was that we were packing and cleaning and preparing all sorts of fun for what was to come. A while back we decided that we wanted the kids to have a chance to experience New Orleans. We looked at the schedule and the only time we could make it work was this week.


Thus a road trip begins.


Max spent a lot of time working the loom.

We’d spent the night before at Nan and Papa’s house (we had some things to drop off) so we arrived just in time for a late lunch.


Owen was a little cold, apparently.


Also quite hungry. Yes, that is a hot dog po boy.

At the other end of the table, Max was chowing down on a big fried catfish po boy. Our food tourism had begun. Nan and Papa were in town on their own trip, but met us for lunch and hung out with us for a bit of the afternoon. First stop was the street car.


We found plenty of room in the back.


Yes I’m there too.


The kids found it amusing, but didn’t seem terribly excited.

We got dumped on Canal Street and wandered around a bit, but that area isn’t exactly kid friendly so we headed back before long.


..then attacked Papa before he left.

We stayed with my very gracious aunt and uncle and appreciated their hospitality.


The boys appreciated their dog.

We had a lovely dinner with possibly some of the best behavior our boys have ever given us. I have a feeling they were pretty worn out and just wanted to survive until bedtime.

When we got up in the morning, we spent a little bit of time lounging.


They did. We were getting ready for the day.


They stole the best seats in the house.

They perked up a little bit after we shut down the cartoons.

Dog Time

There’s just something about little boys and dogs.

Max even drew a nice picture of Izzy to hang up on the fridge before we left.

Before we headed out, Aunt Dolly asked Max if he’d like to go do a little gardening.


So he clipped some fruit off a couple of trees outside.

Owen wanted to come outside too and immediately ran for the playhouse he found in the backyard. What was the first thing he did in there, you ask?


“I’m going to clean it!”

With all that silliness behind us, it was high time to get some breakfast.


Beignets. Finally!

Our timing was a little different than we’d expected but we were still able to hit a couple of planned locations.


First, the aquarium.


The boys wanted to know all the names of the penguins.


They waited very patiently in line to step into these.


Max insisted on trying to pet the stingrays.


Then he found this thing.


Owen predictably joined in the fun.

We made our way through the rest and decided it was time to go grab some lunch. New Orleans for us is really very much of a food destination, and we couldn’t go there and miss a chance to get a meal at Mother’s. We got in line and ordered our food, then sat down for a nice meal. Mother’s is famous for having some of the best po boys in town.


So Owen ordered a waffle.


Max had some issues with the red beans and rice he’d ordered the night before, but he was quite happy with this bowl.

After Mother’s, it was time to take the kids to the Children’s Museum, one of my old haunts.


The mirrors out front kept him occupied for a bit.


Owen preferred the kaleidoscope.


They had some physics time.


And some more physics time…


And some shopping time.


And some more shopping time…


He’s super excited to be Andrew Jackson.

The boys separated for a bit and I spent some time walking between them to see what they were up to.


Max did some drafting.


Owen worked on architecture with mommy.

We spent about another half-hour there before heading out to go explore the city a little bit. Sadly, we realized all too late that all of the galleries we wanted to visit were closed on Sunday. As we stood there trying to figure out what to do we got a message from Nan. It was decided that we’d meet up in Jackson Square to hang out. When we arrived, we stopped for a few minutes to watch some street performers while we waited for Nan and Papa. This turned into the activity of the evening, with Owen and Max enjoying a show by the Calypso Tumblers. I feel like I’ve seen someone flip over a long row of people almost every time I’ve been to New Orleans, but it’s always entertaining.

We walked around a bit more, did a little bit of shopping, then grabbed a nice dinner with Nan and Papa before we took our very tired little boys back for bedtime. It was a crazy weekend already, but our week of fun was just beginning. More on that next time. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time!

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