Santa Run 2013

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In the wake of the winter storm, we had a few more days of being stuck at home ahead of us. Thankfully things thawed in time for the weekend, as we’d made some plans for the weekend a little while back.


The ice stuck around for a surprisingly long time.

Meanwhile, inside the warmth of the house, the kids decided to drag some toys out of the closet and make their TV watching a little more comfortable.


It’s a fort. For watching TV. Obviously.

As the week wore on, the road ice melted and we returned to our regular school and work schedules. On Saturday, though, plans would be a little different from usual.


Said plans included Santa suits.


Santa suits for moms and boys.


Even little boys who don’t want to wear their Santa beards.

A few months back we were sent a notification for some discount tickets to the North Texas Great Santa Run. After considering for a moment how amusing it would be to dress up in Santa suits and go for a walk, we signed up post haste.


They had some games set up for the kids.


And a spot to write letters to Santa.


Even Owen got in on the action, as his writing has improved greatly this year.


“Dear Santa, I want a 3DS. I have been relay good. Love Max”


“Dear Santa. Pop the Pig. Owen”

One of our kids has expensive taste. The other hasn’t figured out the scam quite yet.


Though he does ham it up for the camera, so he’s got that going for him.

After we wandered around a bit and looked at lots of people in crazy Santa suits, it was time to stretch.


Mommy insisted.

Then we wandered back over to the kids area, where we spotted a guy making balloon animals. What did Max want?



So we made him ask for a Christmas tree.


Owen was quite happy when he found out he could have a sword.

Max spent the rest of the time before the race alternating between sword/tree fighting his brother and “MAGICA-POOF”ing us with his tree wand.


There were some mascots hanging around as well, so they took a brief break to get a picture.


Luckily we found someone willing to snap a photo of all of us.


Then I caught mommy with her beard on.

Eventually the time came to start the run. Well, walk in our case. We figured the kids weren’t quite up for a 5K at this age.


I’ll give you a dollar if you can find Waldo.


And so we walked.


And walked and walked some more.


Before we knew it, we’d reached the finish line.

Seemed a lot shorter than a mile, but I’m not complaining. We weren’t quite ready to leave yet since the boys still had one more thing to do.


Face painting!


Owen was quite happy with a candy cane.


Max demanded an angry bird with a Santa hat on it.

That seems so familiar. Could it be…hmmm…


Ah yes, it’s the exact same thing he asked for last year.

After that we let the boys bounce around in a bounce house for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately winter decided to intervene and brought an incredibly cold wind whipping through the whole event. One might think that it would just sort of come and go, but this gust just continued bringing the temps down. We got the kids out of the bounce house and got their shoes on and realized that everyone seemed to have the same idea (“Let’s get out of here!”) at approximately the same time. So we sat in a bit of traffic and eventually found our way back out into the world.

The rest of the weekend was fairly uneventful. No more ice, no more Santa suits, just groceries and swim class and plenty of relaxing. We knew we weren’t going to get many opportunities for that for the rest of the year given that Christmas will be upon us very soon.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from this week, click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time with our last pre-Christmas post.

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