Post-Christmas Cooldown

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As with all Christmases, we found ourselves in a lull after all the excitement. The presents were all opened but not yet all played with, the tree had yet to be taken down, and vacation days were in abundance. The week was spent playing around the house with the kids, mostly, but we did manage to get out over the weekend for a bit.

One of the many presents we pulled out was a build-your-own-fort kit that came from Mimi.


So we built ourselves a fort.


There was an Owen inside it.

New Year’s Eve happened mid-week, so we decided to take the boys out to dinner to celebrate. There’s a barbecue joint in town Christy really loves that we knew would be doing some renovations soon.


So we chowed down.

The boys stayed up later than we’d thought was going to be possible, but we eventually forced them to go to bed.


But not before they did some serious celebrating.


I don’t know who came up with the hat idea, but they were really into it.


Okay, seriously, enough Skylanders. It’s way past bedtime.

By the end of the week we were all getting a little stir crazy from hanging out around the house. We decided it was time to go out for a while. Thankfully we had a good excuse to do so, as our niece was competing in a volleyball tournament.


She’s pretty good!

The boys found this all quite entertaining.


At least, they did while Uncle Steve was holding them.


Once set down, they resorted to their own manner of entertainment.

The distraction was welcome, honestly, as it allowed us to watch Jayden tear up the court out there. Once the games were over, we decided to reward the boys for their patience by heading over to a nearby pet store.


This allowed them the opportunity to fall in love with a cat.

Yes, we’re getting one eventually…but not this week.

Jayden’s team won their way into the next portion of the tournament, so we decided to go out and cheer her on again the next day. This allowed us the opportunity to grab some lunch with the cousins.


The boys found this agreeable.

The rest of the afternoon was spent pretty much the same as the morning. We watched the game…


…and the boys played…


…and played…


…and played…

I’m surprised their batteries didn’t run down after all that. At least they didn’t spend the entire time trying to wrestle each other.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the first week of the new year, feel free to click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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