A Mouse and a Big Game

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In the wake of Christy’s big day, things calmed down considerably around the house. As per usual, the routine of work and school and swim practice and art class pushed us through to the weekend, when we had some special plans to entertain the children.

This weekend the plans were graciously made for us by one of our nieces, who wanted to have her birthday at the house of a certain very large mouse. No, not the Disney one.


That one.

The boys found this very exciting…


Because GAMES!




Also, you know, tickets.


And pizza.



The birthday girl had a great time, and the boys spent their tokens well. We got a nice new infusion of silly toys they played with in the car and worked hard to try and break as rapidly as possible.


Tanner demonstrates a silly, highly breakable toy.


Blakely demonstrates her having a great time.

The remainder of the weekend was dedicated to two big events. One was cleaning as much of the house as possible. The other was the SuperBowl, which is one of the few sports-related traditions we have. Every year we pull the kitchen table into the living room, order some pizza, and settle in with the boys so we can watch and the boys can ignore it almost entirely.

This year we decided to expand things a bit and add some snacks to the proceedings. For me, this means digging one of the “try this” recipes out of a long list I keep. Pretzel bites would be the experiment for the day.


So simple the boys could help. Note Max’s clearly posed photo face.


You need at least three hands to complete this complex maneuver.

They turned out great, and everyone enjoyed stuffing themselves with way too much pizza, bean dip, popcorn, and sweet and/or buttery pretzel bites while we watched a truly poor sporting event. Ah well, maybe next year it’ll go better.

If you want to check out some more photos from House of Cheese Pizza and Games and an Inexplicable Mouse, click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time!

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