TOT, Valentines, Soccer, and SCIENCE!

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It’s been quite some time since last I sat down to write one of these, but it’s high time we started catching things up around here. One of the reasons for the delay is that this week involved working my way through several hundred photos of Owen on a basketball court. Eventually I managed the task, only to find myself awash in even more photos from all the other activities that went on this week.

We’ll begin where we left off last time, with the boys annoying our new cat.


She doesn’t seem to mind too much, but it will wear on her eventually.

New Toys

They seriously love this cat.

It was also the week leading into Valentine’s Day, so we had some work to do.


I think Christy spent more time wrapping it than he spent decorating it.

We usually reserve most of our photo taking for the weekend, but this Tuesday there was an event that forced me to drag out all the equipment for a night on the town.


You can just see the excitement in his face.


He was slightly more excited when we let him go down to the bounce house area.


Max took his best shot at the basketball bounce house.


Alright, maybe he’s getting a little more excited.


Alright, enough skirting around the issue. We’re here to witness Owen’s first big TOT performance.

For those not in the know, TOT is a program where kids get a chance to learn some basic athletic skills in exchange for cold, hard cash. Twice a year they get a chance to show off their skills, and Owen would be doing so tonight at the arena for our local D-league basketball team. You may recall that Max had the same opportunity last year.


As with Max, I got to play a game of “Where’s my kid?” when I got back to the stands.


Owen pulled off his performance flawlessly.


He kept looking at us rather than his instructor, which made for some decent photos.

TOT Time

Edited a bit for brevity’s sake.


And at the end, treats!


Plus an autograph from a big blue dog.

As the week moved on, we had even more events to attend.


Like the Valentine’s Day party at Max’s school.


And the Valentine’s Day party at Owen’s school!


Max showed up for that one too.


This meant he got to see an old (girl)friend that also showed up.


Owen and his buddy like to cheese it up for the camera.

The week was far from over, as we still had our regularly scheduled soccer game on Saturday.


Owen had his game hat on.


Max kept him company when it was time to move to the sidelines.


I got him to get up for a bit and work on some skills, even though he’s not in soccer anymore.


Then we all went home and annoyed the cat.


Turns out this is a two way street.


The rest of the day was spent relaxing and forcing the boys to make their own fun. They didn’t mind.

Sunday is usually our wrap-up day when we all collapse in a heap and relax as much as possible. This time, we had other plans.


Science plans.

We’d been invited to our local science center on a fact-finding mission. Maggie Joe and Scout came along so that Aunt Michelle could figure out if this would be an appropriate venue for a birthday party. Turns out it was just what she was looking for.


Apparently you can learn to levitate bubbles.


Owen figured out how to make much larger bubbles pretty quickly.


The bubbles were a pretty popular attraction.


Scout found something a little more his speed.


General goofing around followed in mass quantities


I think Max got bored with just building things.

After a while, we were informed that a demonstration would be starting soon. The boys rushed as quickly as they could to find an appropriate seat.




Once that was done, MORE BUBBLES!

It was a very, very busy week. In fact, I’m not even done yet. I have one last video to share with you before I go.


More science than you can shake a leafblower at.

And that’s it! Seriously, no more. Aside from the link to the rest of the photos. Hopefully you can see now why it took so long to get this one done. The rest of the catch-up will be pulled together as soon as I recover from this one.

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