An Open House and A Long Awaited Vacation

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As weeks go, this would turn into quite an eventful one. Christy and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary at the end of March and decided it was finally time for us to take a vacation without the kids. Before that, though, we had some business to tend to.


Sometimes our weeks begin with amusing breakfasts.

This particular week would take us to Max’s school one evening, so we could see what he’s been up to the last few months.


He dragged his mother back and forth between various stations.


He showed us his favorite farm animal…


…and some artwork he made during art class.


Owen was around as well, and got to do some spinny plate art.

So far as we hear, Max has been doing quite well in his classes and it sounds like he might be up for some participation in an upcoming school event. We’ll find out more about that later this year.

On Saturday, Max’s first spring break opened with he and his brother waking up at Mimi and Pappaw’s house. We’d dropped them off on Friday so we could have a slightly easier time making our flight in the morning.

As we checked in at the gate, Christy asked me a very good question.

“Where’s your jacket?”

Turns out it was at the security check-in, at the far side of the airport. By the time I’d sprinted all the way there and back, I was out of breath and sweaty as I settled into my seat. At least I had my jacket. Kudos to whatever security guy decided to stash it nearby instead of shipping it off to the lost and found in another terminal.


Obligatory first class selfie.

Due to some wrangling with credit card miles, we managed to score some upgrades to take us out of the cheap seats for our trip to California. We originally considered Hawaii, but decided it would be a bit better to be a little closer to the kids in case we needed to head back home in a hurry. We’re still parents, after all.

When we arrived in San Francisco, we took the tram over to the rental car center and looked down the row of available vehicles. Due to a little work-related perk, I was allowed to choose anything along the first row we saw. As we walked down the line we saw a gray sedan, a black sedan, a white sedan, a black mid-size, a gray mid-size…


Then there was this. Seemed way more fun, so we took it.


We tried to relax as we checked in at our hotel.


While we waited for them to get our room set up, we headed out to a nearby tile factory for a tour.


Christy had some fun breaking a few of the cast-offs.


I took what Christy deemed to be “artsy” pictures.

We went out for some dinner, then headed back to check in to our room.


The view was deemed…acceptable.

The next day, we basically just wandered around town checking out some random places of interest.


We went to a place where myths are busted.


We saw some houses that are recognizable to fans of a certain late 20th century sitcom.


We found out that the Ghiradelli Factory Store is located on a very interestingly named street.


Christy insisted that I do something amusing.


…then I lost an arm wrestling contest with a luchador.


Then, a bit later, we found our way to a sculpture park at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.


So we walked around a lot and had some fun with the tripod we bought for the trip.

All that, and we were only halfway done with our trip. We’ll cover the rest next time, along with the remainder of spring break. If you want to see the rest of the photos from this week, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time.

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