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This week Christy and I spent a few more days in San Francisco. We didn’t really have a formal plan for anything, just some more enjoyment of food and some light exercise. Then we had to take a somewhat sad trip back home. It’s not that we didn’t miss the kids. It’s just…


I mean, COME ON.

We began the day as so many tourists do, with a hearty meal before deciding it was finally time to tackle the bridge.


We’d driven across it so many times, it was nice to finally walk it.


Christy kindly asked me to stop doing this.


So I pointed the camera in the opposite direction.

On the way across, we saw a helicopter fly over the bridge. I commented that the pilot wasn’t feeling very daring that morning. Apparently someone overheard me, because one flew directly underneath us as we were on the return trip. That pilot has my thanks for making life a little more like a Michael Bay film.


Contrary to the signage, I did not spot anyone from the early 20th century on the bridge.

So we walked the full length and back, which turned out to be a lot longer than we’d at first expected. Tired and worn out, we headed for some lunch and roamed around the city a bit more. After that, we decided to head back up the hill for a little while and capture some higher resolution photos for later use at home.


Plus a fun one for the kids.

And after what seemed like an extremely short trip, we headed home to collect the children from their grandparents and save them from any further spoiling.


Then, as soon as possible, take them to see their other grandparents.


That pretty much sums them up in their post-vacation state.

The trip to Nan and Papa’s wasn’t particularly eventful compared to the previous weekend. We didn’t mind too much.


We spent a bit of time at the park.


Which of course meant demands for swinging.


Which led to demands that they climb things together for photos.


After we got back to Nan’s place, we were joined by some cousins.


Emma stayed the night, which of course meant electronics time in the morning.


Plus extra time at the park.

Before we knew it, it was time to take the kids home and settle in before we got back to our normal routine. We did have one day left, though, so we decided to spend it having one last bit of fun. Christy wanted to go see a movie, and I agreed to take the kids off her hands while she did so. There’s only so much trouble to get into at the mall, but we made do.


“Can you smile for mommy so she can tell me if she likes this shirt?”


I think she’d prefer this anyway.

Ahhh Dave and Busters. Always good for a laugh when we go to the prize section.

Just like that, our anniversary trip was over and everything is mostly back to normal. We might need a little bit longer to adjust the kids to life without their grandparents, but we’ll manage. If you want to check out the rest of the photos, feel free to click here. Or you could check out this video of Owen showing off his reading skills…

Flash Cards

I think he’s better than his brother was at this at his age.

See you next time!

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