Field Trippin’ and Soccer Playin’

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We began our recovery from vacation week by taking it as easy as possible. Of course, that’s always limited to plans that have already been made for us. In this case, that would include a quick trip to our local fire department and some more soccer entertainment with Owen.

Christy had long ago signed one of us up to be a chaperone for a school field trip, and I decided to take this one on.


Owen would be quite jealous to hear that Max rode on a school bus.


Max paid very close attention while the fireman explained some of the tools on the wall to the kids.


He was a bit more focused when it was time for him to show off his ability to call 911.

We’d been to Safety Town before, and if memory serves me correctly (it doesn’t, but the blog has a search feature) it was a little over three years ago for their Christmas display. What I didn’t realize was that when all the Christmas lights aren’t up and the streets are clear…


They have mini Jeeps to drive around their mini town.


Lots and lots of mini Jeeps.


After all the traffic jams were cleared and a class picture had been taken, Max insisted on having me take one last photo before he left.

So far as I’m aware, Max learned two things from this field trip. First he really needs to practice his memory of our address. Second, make sure to mention the cat if you have to call the firefighters.

Saturday brought us back to the fields for yet another soccer game with Owen.


He sits out two quarters per game, and this is generally how it goes.


He hasn’t been much for scoring goals this season because he’s not aggressive enough, but he does get out there and give it a try.

Thankfully for us, it was a pretty boring week otherwise. We needed one of those after all the insanity from the week before. If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, you can click here. Otherwise you can take a moment to witness pure, unadulterated spite before you go about your business.


Owen did this to her.

If they didn’t keep their doors closed at night, I’m almost certain she’d have smothered them in their sleep by now.

Have a nice week!

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