Trucks, Bubbles, and Birthdays

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As these things go, our activity weeks tend to come in waves. Last week was a light one, which of course means we have to cram everything we possibly can into this one. Multiple birthday parties, a moving truck rental, and some impromptu stump removal? Yeah, we got that.

We’ll begin with a bit of foolishness.


Some days are just kind of like this.

Other days, well, other days we do something crazy like buying something so large we can’t possibly fit it into either of our cars. This results in us eventually deciding that the best course of action is to rent a moving van. This leads to me arriving at the van rental place to find that all their vans are in the shop, but they’ll be happy to upgrade me to a nice big box truck at no extra charge.


Which inevitably leads to this.


…and this, of course.

What could we possibly have purchased to set in motion such a series of events?


Why, a four foot by eight foot magnetic white board, of course! Thanks, Craigslist!

With all of that insanity behind us, it was high time to start a weekend full of birthday parties.


We begin with a party at the science center.


Which involved gloves…


…so they could hold these crazy vapor-filled bubbles.


After that, they were given the chance to make their own bubble wands.


He was quite pleased with himself when he finally got a bubble to work.

What could they possibly have to follow up a show like that?


More bubbles, obviously. Bigger ones.


Child-sized bubbles.

I haven’t had cause to make an animated GIF for this blog in quite some time. Max gave me an excuse when it was his turn.


As I walked away after this happened, I heard one of the moms say, “I hope someone got a picture of that.”

Of course, we weren’t quite done yet.


Happy birthday, Maggie!

We decided to follow up the birthday party with some time out at the park (it was a really nice day out). After a futile attempt to meet somewhere that was way too crowded, we settled on a location.


Almost immediately, war was declared.


I did my best to remain neutral in these affairs.


Every once in a while, I can get a decent photo of these kids on a swing.


Even more rare is getting three of them to smile and look at the camera at the same time. Look ma, no Photoshop head swapping!

The afternoon eventually drew to a close and we all went our separate ways. It wouldn’t be long before we were right back together again.


Together for some serious business.


Okay, maybe not that serious.


All in good fun, really.


And maybe a little bit of serious business.

Speaking of serious business, while the kids were having fun running around and shooting each other with darts I noticed that Pappaw was off in the backyard hitting a stump with a pickaxe. Naturally, I decided to join in.


Christy decided that was a good time for a photo op.

We eventually managed to get it out of the ground and hauled off to Cindy’s burn pile, so at least we had the satisfaction of finishing a job Pappaw thought would be done before everyone even got there. When we’d finished up with all our manly flexing and posturing, we went inside to have some cake.


With Spongebob.


…and Spongebob…


…and Spongebob, Spongebob, and Spongebob…


Happy birthday, Tanner!

Cake was had, presents were opened, then it was time to head back outside for one last event.


A pinata!

The kids spent a little while taking shots at it, and eventually some of the parents decided to just rip the bottom out (which I deemed was “ruining all the fun of it”).


The kids didn’t take my side.

I must have been off doing something for a little while, because I don’t remember taking the next few photos in this set. I do, however, know exactly how to caption one of them.



And with that bit of violence, the week drew to a close. I’d love to be able to say that next week will be a nice relaxing walk in the park, but I know better. Next week there’s a wedding.

The rest of the photos can be viewed by clicking here. See you next time!

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