A Wedding in New Braunfels

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Once again we had a lazy week with a fully jam-packed weekend. My cousin was getting married, so we packed up the car for an overnight trip to New Braunfels. Thus began a 24-hour period with cousins, crawfish, dancing, nice clothes, waterfowl, and electronics.

We began by checking into what turned out to be a palatial room accidentally rented by my father through some series of odd misunderstandings. We set our things out and unsuccessfully tried to get the boys to take a nap before abandoning the place to seek out some cousins.


Ah, here’s one.

The kids hung around and showed off their electronics for a while before we noticed that it was time to start getting everyone dressed.


You wouldn’t know it from looking at them, but trust me. They hate these clothes.


We did our best to get a photo with Nan and the kiddos.


RyanPaul has excellent crazy eyes.

The bus arrived to take us to the event venue (my aunt’s house on the river) shortly thereafter. The boys were surprised and quite happy to discover that we’d be riding on a school bus.


Owen insisted that he ride with mommy.


RyanPaul snuck in there at some point.


We took our obligatory nice dress up clothes photo when we arrived.


The kids stole some seats intended for grown ups for a little while.


Then, once the ceremony was over, they chased some ducks around.

Food was passed around, drinks were had, and at some point the band started to play music. This gave the boys an opportunity to make up for having to be quiet and stand still through the entire wedding ceremony.


The boy is a maniac.

Photos don’t really do it justice. Unfortunately I was standing far too close to the band when I shot this video so all the audio got completely blown out. I have replaced it with a nice clear version of the song that was playing at the time.


Seriously. Maniac.

Christy eventually stepped out onto the dance floor to get in on the fun.


Note Owen on the left side there, about to run between them to break them apart.


He eventually got his turn.


As did I, when I was goaded into handing off the camera.


We eventually convinced Max to dance with some of his cousins. Charlotte found this quite irresistible.

The entire wedding was great, and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Eventually we had to turn in, but we had an after-party to attend in the morning before we headed out of town.


This is what happens when you bring them to brunch.

We found out there was a kids room upstairs, so I decided to let them enjoy what was a tradition in my childhood for quite some time.


A room full of mostly unsupervised children and a TV!

We spent some time visiting and eating before hopping back into the car to make the trek back home. It was a good weekend for the kids, for sure.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos, you can click here. Otherwise, feel free to check out this random video I shot at bedtime before you head on your way.

Bedtime Stories

Owen has quite the personality these days.

See you next time!

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