Easter 2014

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It’s that time of year again. The aisles are filled with weird marshmallow representations of spring animals and school has notified us that a party is forthcoming. This can only mean that we’re about to be left with a surplus of candy I’m not allowed to eat on my diet. Let’s do this thing.

We begin with the annual day care Easter party, where Owen appears to be eating cheese.


Pretty sure that’s cheese, and he’s very happy about it.

He poked at his plate for a little longer to stall for time. Then, it was time for the event they’d been waiting for all day.


That is not a hat.


Ahh, the first egg hunt of the season.


I’m not sure what they were expecting when they hid an egg at the end of the slide, but this is what happens when you do that.

He filled his bag with his fair share of eggs and before we knew it, the party was all over. We still had a few days before the weekend, but it didn’t seem like long at all before we found ourselves down in The Woodlands to spend Easter with Nan and Papa.


We brought scooters but no safety equipment. This turned out to be a poor decision when he crashed within the first five minutes.


Luckily there were other distractions to be had.


Not to mention family traditions to uphold.


Max didn’t hold on to this one for long.

Some day in the not to distant future (hopefully) they’ll go dig their own crawfish out of the bucket instead of spending all afternoon demanding that I get them another one.

Various activities (including eating tons of crawfish) carried us through the rest of the day.


Egg dying, of course.


Anxiously waiting for someone to open the door for the egg hunt, naturally.


Yes, hello RyanPaul.


Owen quite enjoyed his second egg hunt.


Max enjoyed his first.



After the kids emptied all their eggs and tallied up the loot, they decided to look around for something else to do. It took them about a minute to find the confetti eggs, which were carefully taken out back so we could make sure no one got it on anyone else or made any messes.


At least, you know, not in the house.

The kids found all of this hilarious, but there were only so many eggs so they quickly got bored and ran off to do something else.


Owen found himself in the pool.


I found myself a hose.


Inevitable end result.


Inevitable end result part two.

The rest of the day was filled with crawfish and pies and cookies and whatever else was found around the general area. It was a perfect day for everything, and the kids had a fantastic time running around like maniacs. But as these things always do, things drew to a close and we had to move on to our last day in town.


Of course, Easter isn’t your average last day in town.

We let them dig through all their goodies for a bit before forcing them into some nicer clothes for church. Things were a little crazy so we didn’t manage to get a picture of us while we were there.


Didn’t stop us from taking care of that when we got to Aunt Jenn’s house, of course.


I will eventually teach them how to smile.


Yes, Nan and Papa were there too.

The reason I don’t have many shots with Nan and Papa from the weekend is that they were busy babysitting our boys on Friday night and busy getting people fed on Saturday. Thankfully we got a chance to relax a little on Sunday.


And by “relax” I obviously mean “HAVE ANOTHER EGG HUNT!”


Emma was enjoying this additional opportunity to fill her basket.

We played around (well, the kids played around) a little longer, we had some lunch, and we decided it was time to say our goodbyes.


Which of course means hugs!

I did manage to get a little video before we left, though.

Trampoline Shooting

They insisted I bring this thing outside.

We had to head out before another egg hunt broke out, but we did have one last thing to take a picture of on the way home. Every year around this time Christy starts pointing out things on the side of the road and insisting that we stop so we can take part in what is a pretty common Texas behavior.


Yep. Bluebonnets.

The only problem with this is that when we arrive at such a flower patch, Max will inevitably be at a pivotal juncture in his video game and Owen will be watching his favorite scene in his favorite cartoon of all time.


So it starts like this.

Eventually we prod and poke and tickle and make vague promises about ice cream and things perk up a little.


Good enough!

As we started to pack up and leave, Max asked if he could take a picture too. I felt this was a reasonable request since we made him put his nice clothes back on.


So this was the first photo he took with a big kid camera.

I think it might finally be time to give him the camera we had before he was born…

If you want to check out the rest of the photos (lots more egg hunting and silliness) you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time. Hope everyone had a good Easter!

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