Soccer, Strikes, Science, and Scissors

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In the wake of Easter, we actually managed to have a mostly uneventful week. This was one of those rare weekends where we didn’t have to travel out of town or really have plans other than what we made for ourselves. So of course we made some plans for ourselves.

Saturday was an easy day, with just a soccer game and some groceries to keep us occupied. It was Owen’s last game of the season, but for him it was just another day at the fields.


The boys decided to mimic one of Owen’s team members, who was trying to make a field goal with his soccer ball.

Owen did well, and managed another game mostly as a defensive player. We had planned to get everyone together for a team picture after the game, but fate intervened at halftime when all the kids ran over and sat down on the bench.


I can’t believe it actually turned out.

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping and trying to get the house back into some kind of order. That evening, though, we had a night off while Owen’s day care watched the boys for us. We decided it might be a good idea to go bowling.


Not only did Christy win every single game, she also got her first turkey.

On Sunday morning we got the boys up bright and early and loaded them into the car for a surprise trip downtown. We saw there was an event going on that we thought they might enjoy, so we signed ourselves up for it.


But first, DONUTS!

Max went straight for the Hello Kitty donut, but Owen mulled his options for a bit before deciding to get the donut shaped like a stick figure. He ate everything on his plate except for that donut, at which point I asked him which part he was going to eat first (arm, leg, head). He started with the arms and worked his way around until there was just a donut torso left. Then he proceeded to, in his words, “Eat his booty!”

After all of that hilarity, it was time to move on with the plan. The kids had been guessing all morning about where we’d be going, but they never quite got around to figuring it out until we got there. Then we pulled up at the science museum.


Max was pretty excited when we drove up.


I think they were a little less excited about the hats.

We roamed around a bit so we could check out the various activities they had set up.


Both of the boys made fireflies.


Then I followed some instructions on the floor.

After that, we found our way downstairs and into the sports hall, which remains one of their favorite attractions.

Running from T-Rex

Owen didn’t used to like this one, but I guess he’s grown out of that.

Once they were done with that, we’d wasted enough time that we could head over to a nearby auditorium where they were doing some science demonstrations. They were showing off various things you can do with heat and cold, and as these things go they kept asking for volunteers from the audience. Max’s arm nearly fell off every time they did so.


Somehow he got himself picked for the liquid nitrogen portion of the demo.

After all that silliness, we wandered around the museum for a while and saw the sights. Unfortunately Max was in a bit of a mood, and kept trying to tell us that he was too old for some of the sections of the museum. I suppose it was inevitable that we’d come to that point. Thankfully it didn’t completely sour the experience, and it didn’t stop Owen from thoroughly enjoying himself.


Especially these frogs.

The rest of the day was a typical Sunday. The boys played while we tried to get some things done, but eventually demanded that we allow them to do something or other. This time it was getting out some scissors to cut some grass.


They’ve been begging us to do this.

The Easter bunny brought them a couple of little kits that let them grow grass in a monkey and a lion head. The grass was getting long, so it was time for a trim.


Max was quite methodical in his process.


He seemed happy with the result.


Owen was a bit more cavalier with his weed whacking.


Doesn’t matter, all’s well that ends well.

Then, to finish out the weekend, we filled up the tub and left the jets running for a little while so the boys could play for a bit.


Not a bad way to end a week.

Teeth were brushed, books were read, songs were sung, and everyone went to bed with around the amount of fuss we generally expect. If you want to see the rest of the photos from the week, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time!

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