Ball Games and Foreshadowing

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Owen finished off his soccer season last week and we’ll hopefully see a nice spring and summer ahead of us with plenty of time outside. We took a chance to enjoy some of that weather one evening this weekend, but first we had to do one last thing to close out soccer season.

It was decided that our trophy ceremony would take place at the same place it did last year, so we headed out for the pizza buffet mid-way through the week.


We didn’t give them any quarters, they played anyway.

Everyone enjoyed some pizza and cupcakes, then it was on to the main event.



We let them hang out a little longer with their buddies, then gave in and let them get a couple of toys out of the capsule machines before heading home.

A little while back we signed up for a school event at our local ballpark. It included tickets to the game, a free hat for the boys, and the opportunity to go out on the field for a pre-game “parade”.


Which basically meant walking around on the infield dirt, but the boys found that exciting enough.

We eventually found our way to our seats and watched a few pitches before Max suggested that we go pick up his hat. We also picked up some snacks for him and Christy on the way back to our seats.


He wanted peanuts. Christy wanted Cracker Jack. I decided that was photo-worthy.

The boys spent the game cheering and messing with their hats and cracking peanut shells everywhere and learning how to do the wave. They also did their share of messing with their mother.


Owen found this hilarious.

This was after he ate about half a plastic baseball cap filled with ice cream. Thankfully he calmed down enough for a decent picture with her.


Not too shabby.


Then he stole her sunglasses.

We had to leave a little early on account of it being an evening game and the time stretching way past their bedtime, but they didn’t mind too much. They got what they wanted out of the deal. Plus, we needed to get some rest because we have quite the week ahead of us. Christy’s been trying to prepare herself as much as possible, but there’s only so much we can do in advance of Teacher Appreciation Week.


This is especially true when we’re relying on the boys to chip in.

I’m sure we’ll make it work. We always manage somehow. If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week you can click here. Otherwise we’ll be back next week with Teacher Appreciation madness and Mother’s Day. See you then!

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