Field Day and Mother’s Day

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Another week came and went, leaving us completely exhausted and ready for a bit of rest. In addition to preparing some well deserved gifts each day for Teacher Appreciation Week, Christy and I did a little work at Max’s school. Meanwhile, I worked to make sure Christy got the Mother’s Day she’s more than earned.


Also Max lost a tooth, so there’s that.

Before we left on Friday morning I had a bit of work I needed to take care of in preparation for Mother’s Day.


More on this chunk of dough later.

I tossed that in the fridge and we headed school to have lunch with Max and help wrangle kids for field day. Unfortunately we took a little bit of time to realize that Max was eating in his classroom instead of outside. Apparently he spent this time convinced that we’d abandoned him forever and would never see him again.


He got over it.

Immediately following lunch, the activities began in earnest.


First he had to pick a tattoo.


Mommy helped carefully apply it to his finger.


I approve. So very much.


Next came this oversized basketball game.


Then on to some bubble blowing.

I had to depart for a moment because my wife suggested I bring along something we haven’t messed with since October.


Oh hi there.


So while Max was doing this…


…I was doing this.


It was a little warm in there, but I managed to tough it out a little longer.


After that came the sponge pass, AKA the thing where the kids get soaking wet.


Then a bit of time on the playground.


Then these crazy bumper things.


After a lot of goading, I decided to join in.


My work here is done.

As if that weren’t enough, the next event was a “cake walk”, which was more of a prize walk.


Despite this look, they were not playing death metal.


After that, MORE DANCING!

Speaking of which…

Dance Dance Revolution

Max somehow managed to get himself picked.

After all that excitement, I had to part ways with Christy so I could get back to that dough that was sitting in the fridge. I left her with the camera.


I’m not sure if he was still wet form earlier or just sweaty from all the running around.


So far, yet so much left to do.


Five and a half sticks of butter? Sure, I can put that in there.


Folding and folding and folding some more.

Our next stop was at Owen’s school for Muffin’s with Mom. This yearly tradition involves muffins.


…and moms.

After that, we tried to rest up a bit (and I did a little more dough work) to prepare for the weekend ahead. We got up early on Saturday morning to head to Sherman to sell some things in a garage sale.


The younger kids didn’t help much.


So we sent them outside with some water guns to keep them occupied (and off the couch).


Owen found this seriously hilarious, except when people were squirting him.


We did a little bit of stonework for Mimi.


So, like this?


The boys gave Mimi a dancing hamster card. I missed the first round so I had them recreate their reaction.

We had some dinner, had some more fun with everyone, packed up the remainders of the garage sale, then made the trek home so we could prepare for Sunday. I got up with the kids and let Christy sleep in, then set about my dark voodoo business in the kitchen.




Baked, turned out, and tossed in sugar.

When we went to San Francisco for our tenth anniversary, Christy and I had breakfast at a bakery called Tartine. They’re fairly well known for their morning buns, which are made with croissant dough rolled like a cinnamon roll and baked in muffin tins. Christy has been asking me to try and replicate them at home ever since. She said they were perfect, and thus a great start for her Mother’s Day.


After breakfast, it was time to give mommy a much nicer garden out front.


Max was a little less helpful than his brother.

After all the work was done, Christy asked me to get a couple of pictures of her with the boys.


Not too shabby!


Didn’t take long for someone to get jealous.


Of course, he needed some work on the smiling bit.


We got whatever this is.


Then some gang signs.


Aaaaaand the eye roll.


Heeeey, there we go!

The rest of Mother’s Day was mostly a standard weekend day. There were gifts, sure, but we also went grocery shopping, had a pretty typical lunch, and decided to spend much of the afternoon playing video games and relaxing. We did go out for a nice dinner at Christy’s favorite barbecue joint, and surprisingly enough the boys managed to behave so well through all of it that Christy said it was actually a perfect Mother’s Day.


And we capped it off with a nice group bedtime story.

As you can see, it was an incredibly eventful week. Usually we’d use this as an excuse to spend a week doing absolutely nothing. But next weekend is one of our only free weekends while the weather’s still nice, so I’m going to take the boys camping. I guess we’ll see how that works out for me.

If you want to see the rest of the photos from this week, click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next week!

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