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The calendar finally had an opening for the weekend, the weather seemed like it was going to be nice, and Christy was long overdue for a break from the kids. Clearly, it was time to take the boys out for some character building in the woods. Camping time.

We’ve been testing out various state parks in an attempt to find one that meets all our various criteria, and this weekend all I could find nearby was Lake Ray Roberts. Luckily it was less than an hour away, so the boys were able to grab a quick breakfast Saturday morning before I piled them and everything we needed into the car. When we arrived we found that our campsite hadn’t been vacated yet and decided to do a bit of wandering.


We found a playground and a rabbit.


So the boys played for a while.


Max found this tire swing quite hilarious until he managed to get too dizzy and fall off.

After all that silliness I decided it was time to get down to some serious outdoorsy business.



This was a kid fish pond, so I thought it might give us a little better luck than our previous lake fishing efforts. Max and I struck out (well, Max got one but it jumped off the hook as he reeled it in), but before long Owen snagged himself a turtle. I felt it best to forego the photo on that one in favor of getting it off the hook and back in the water. We moved across the pond and tried some more, and just as we were about to leave…


…Owen caught his first fish. Look at the size of that thing!

It was clearly well over the weight limit, so we let it go and headed back to the campsite to get things set up and have a bit of lunch.


Then play some games.

I learned from my last fateful outing with these two that a lack of entertainment options means fighting and screaming. Preparedness is key.


Despite Max’s insistence, this strategy did not yield a better result at ladder toss.

They quickly grew bored with this, so I had to seek out a new activity for them to enjoy.


Just go jump in the lake, for all I care.

I got in there for a little bit with them, but the water was a bit too cold for my delicate sensibilities so I left that insanity to them.


They didn’t seem to mind.


Well that was completely unexpected.


No one could possibly have predicted such behavior!

So they splashed and they splashed and they swam and they tried to throw mud until they got yelled at and they splashed some more. Eventually I could tell both of them were shivering so I dragged them out and got them a quick warm rinse at the showers so they could put some dry clothes on.


Then I flew our kite into a tree.

The boys thought this was hilarious, and thankfully I was able to disentangle the whole thing and bring it home with us. After all that excitement it was about time for us to head back to the campsite and consider getting a fire going.


Once the hot dogs and marshmallows were done, the boys resorted to their lizard instincts and started throwing rocks at the fire to see what would happen.

I eventually had to shut all that down (literally, by putting out the fire) and get everyone ready for bedtime. Everyone got situated with their sleeping bags and their pillows and what not, and it was dark enough for us to start the traditional round of bedtime stories.

Max’s Turn

I had to edit this a bit for brevity, he kind of dragged it out a bit with his showman flair.

Owen’s Turn

I think he’s been playing too much Plants vs. Zombies.

We got a decent night’s sleep (aside from an insane bird singing at 2am) and woke up ready to have a little more fun before heading home.


Seriously. This place had at least three playgrounds.

This particular playground was somewhat near the kid fish pond, and Max wanted to try his luck at finally reeling something in. Naturally this meant none of us caught anything for the next hour or so. Owen grew bored and started playing around nearby, but decided to come back when I told him it was almost time to go…


…and promptly caught a fish.

That was about all the excitement we could handle for one day, plus it was time for us to start heading home. I told the boys I’d bait their hook one last time before we left…



Honestly, that’s a different fish. Check the time stamps. Two fish in less than three minutes. Max left feeling a little dejected, but I told him not to feel so bad since I didn’t catch anything either. There’s always next time.

We left the park and drove back into town just in time to have lunch with Christy, then we all headed home so the boys and I could get cleaned up. It turned out to be a pretty good trip. I guess we’ll have to see if we can find some time to do it again before it gets too hot outside.

If you want to check out some more of the boys being crazy at the playgrounds, click here. Otherwise feel free to check out this video of Owen laughing maniacally as his brother fails at a video game.

Penguin Max

I so often forget how much they love this game.

See you next time!

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