School Programs, Outdoor Fun, and Indoor Flying

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The weather is nice out, the school year is coming to a close, and we have much to do. Max has spent the last several months preparing for a school program, so we charged up all the camera batteries we had and headed over to his school to capture the action.

Max had a few lines in the production. See if you can spot him.

Where’s Max?

It’s tough, but you’ll manage.

He lost the nose a few times throughout the show, but like a real pro he just soldiered through.


Manning the still and video camera at the same time turns out to be quite the challenge.


When the show was over, it was time for awards!

We hung out a little longer so we could get a couple photos with our soon-to-be kindergarten graduate.


One more week!

Unfortunately I had to rush out to get to the office, but Max wasn’t quite done with rewards for the week. The following evening it was nice out so we decided it was time to start the arduous process of teaching Max to properly ride his bike. Last year I took the pedals off so he could work on keeping his balance and while steering and maintaining his momentum. His record for keeping his feet up was ten seconds. I told him he could have a treat if he made it to twenty seconds. He asked what he would get if he made it to thirty seconds, and (thinking it wasn’t likely) I told him he could have a new 3DS game. You can probably tell where this is going.


The goal was to get him doing this by the end of the summer.

With all the excitement of the week behind us, we headed out on Saturday to visit Maggie Joe and Scout for an impromptu mini family reunion.


They had swings there.


This was pleasing to Owen as well.


There were also some bubble wands, which inevitably led to a bubble battle.


Scout was happy that we brought along a baseball.

As other people started to show up, a new friend arrived.


No Max, we can’t get a dog.


This went on for a while.

Frisbees were thrown, balls were chased, and plenty of fun was had by all. We headed back to the house and tried to get a bit of rest. We’d need it for what we had planned on Sunday. See, Christy got me a gift certificate to a local business for Christmas and we hadn’t had a chance to use it just yet. We finally found a time that worked for everyone involved after I decided to share the fun with Max and some of his cousins.


After a brief instructional video, we got suited up and ready to go.


Who am I to resist being goofy?


Mimi and Pappaw showed up to spectate.


And so we flew.


Max did pretty good for his first try, but he did lose control a couple of times.


Casen seemed to enjoy the “go higher” add-on package.

It’s really better told through video, and thanks to Uncle Steve we have that too.

Butterfly in the sky

I can go twice as hiiiiiigh…

We headed back to the house with everyone and let the kids play for a bit. We never know what’s going to wind up happening when they’re left to their own devices in the play room.


They have a tendency to get into the costumes.

Not to be outdone, his brother put together a costume of his own.


I had no part in this.

It was quite the crazy week, but I think everyone got a little bit of what they wanted.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time!

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