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Sometimes the week isn’t just about swim class and cooking and trying to keep the house in order. This week we managed a weeknight where we actually let the boys pick an activity and go nuts with it. It helped that it was something I found amusing, but you can’t complain about a win-win.

I received a book for Father’s Day that includes a long list of activities the boys can try to goad me into for the rest of their lives. With Mentos and Diet Coke in our weekend past, I thumbed through the book to find something else to do. We settled on a demolition derby. First we found a couple of remote controlled cars. Then we headed into Max’s room to make some modifications.


Max settled on a battering ram design. The fake head is to make it scarier.


I helped Owen with a bit of an all-over shield job.


The inevitable carnage.

A little anticlimactic, sure, but the kids had fun. The rest of the week was pretty standard, since we had some plans for the weekend. A while back when we were visiting the annual gathering of food trucks, Max wandered into a stall for our local indoor go-kart track. They had a big wheel set up that you could spin to win fabulous prizes. Max, naturally, won the best possible prize: a year-long discount card to the go-kart track.


So we invited some friends out to partake.

Owen, sadly, was a bit too short to go crashing speedy things into other speedy things, so he took a trip with the mommies to the nearby trampoline park.


Probably for the best, they were pretty speedy.


After a brief safety lecture, Max was ready to go.


He was pretty cautious at first.


Mikey too, and after the first race he wasn’t having any more of it.


Max got back out there and poured on the speed…causing him to crash into this kid and spin him out.

He still says he wants to go back. I guess we’ll think about it, since we do get a discount all year…

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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