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Last week we had some time with some buddies, so we thought it might be a good idea to spend a bit of time with family this week. To that end, we invited some of Christy’s family down to take advantage of the bowling passes we bought for the summer.


And so we bowled.


Tanner and Max went without the ramp, but kept the bumpers.


Between frames, they were constantly fighting over chairs.


Owen still uses the ramp, but I bet he’ll try to emulate his brother next summer.

Mimi and Cindy were there as well, but I didn’t manage to catch any photos of them. We decided to give Cindy a break so she and Mimi could take care of some shopping. The kids were more than happy to take advantage of the opportunity to go back to our place and play as much Minecraft as possible.


I don’t know what I was up to, but Christy found it amusing that we all drifted off to electronics land.

They built lots of iron golems (Tanner taught Max how to do it) and blew things up and just generally did what kids do when they play Minecraft. Everyone was quite sad when it was finally time to go.

Max also had a birthday party invite that day, and he joined a gaggle of girls (he was the only boy invited) at our local rock climbing gym. He seems to have picked up my fear of heights, and I had to work pretty hard to try and get him a little higher off the ground.


The girls were all climbing to the top. He learned a valuable lesson about gender equality that day.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos this week, click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time!

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