A Bit of Painting

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Rarely do we find a weekend where we don’t have some sort of event planned. Of course, when such a weekend comes up one of us can’t help but try to fill it with some sort of manual labor. Given that said person does (and puts up with) an awful lot around here, it seems only fair that she gets to assign us a task every so often. This time, it was finally painting one of the walls in our bedroom.

But first, the boys have a new favorite picture of the cat, which I will post without a caption for maximum enjoyment.


The task at hand was something designed to annoy the cat, so we didn’t see much of her that day. We moved all the furniture around and tested our colors and braved a massive thunderstorm to get paint, then we got to work.


They helped for a little while, at least until they finished with the section that would be coincidentally hidden behind the bed.


So happy to help.

With that task complete, the rest of the weekend was mostly just spent hanging around and trying to make sure we’d be ready for the rapidly approaching start of the school year. I did manage to catch some video of the boys goofing off, so I’ll just close it out with that.


We got them a cat. I think they’re trying to tell us something.

There’s one more photo of Max painting in the album, so feel free to click here if you want to check it out. Otherwise we’ll see you next time!

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