Lego Stuff & A Party

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Last weekend we had a moment to rest, reflect, and paint a wall. This weekend things were a little more busy. School was out on Thursday and Friday so we had to figure out what to do with the boys in the lead-in to the weekend. It was decided that Christy and I would alternate our days so we wouldn’t have to take too many vacation days from work.

Christy spent most of her day off making sure the boys were engaged with educational materials and had well-rounded meals. I decided to honor her commitment by whisking the boys away for burgers and a surprise visit to a place they’d never been.


It was a place with red lights…


…and crazy machines that both boys somehow got picked to operate.


There were also 3D glasses…


…and police lineups…


…and police cars.

Yes, yes, we went to LegoLand. The boys had all sorts of fun running around and looking at all the cool creations and being incredibly patient while we waited in an endless series of lines.


They also got to do a little building.


Then they got to actually try out their creations.

Owen’s went faster, but to be fair he had a little help from Daddy during the construction phase. A solid three or so hours passed, and I decided it might be time to head out. We made our way through the gift shop, miraculously buying nothing, and had to stop one last time before we could finally leave.


Owen wanted to take a silly picture with Batman.

As you might expect, this was all very exciting for them. Saturday’s plan, though, involved a lot of whining and concern that they were going to be super bored at their cousin’s birthday party.


Max was especially pouty.

See, this particular cousin (Scout) is a lot younger than they are, so his party was at a venue more appropriate for kids his age.


Owen perked up as soon as he saw the basketball goal.


Max, too, somehow survived.


It was quite the trial for him, really.


So yeah, they had a good time. Lots of jumping.


Plus hats and elephants.


Yep. Hats.


I asked Scout where his hat was. This was his response.


Max and Blakely were having all kinds of fun with the bubbles.


One of them managed to slip past him.


Before the whole thing drew to a close, they got a little parachute time.


Not sure what this face is, but I think he was amused with his goody bag.

We said our goodbyes, had some dinner with a bit of the family, and headed back home to get the kids some rest. They’d need it, since we had even more fun planned for them on Sunday. Summer is coming to an end, and with that will go our access to the community rec center. We haven’t really been much this year, but a party invite gave us an excuse to take both kids over there. Owen mostly stayed with his buddies while Max and I ran around doing crazy things with my GoPro. We did manage to get Owen a little fun near the end, though, thanks to a bit of leniency on the height requirements for the big indoor slide.


Plus a little swimming.

Owen was a little scared that first time, and the second time was a complete disaster. He slipped at the top of the slide when he went to sit down and, while he didn’t hurt himself, he did get shaken up enough to basically scream and cry most of the way down the slide. Hopefully the experience won’t sour him on the slides for the long term.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, you can click here. Otherwise we’ll catch you next time!

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